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Raisers Edge Training

  • Hi All- Im supporting a development staff of 5 plus a director. We are on the current version of Raisers Edge and looking to expand our staffs use of this tool.
    Im looking for alternatives to sending them to Blackbaud for training. What Id really like to find is a local (San Francisco) consultant/trainer. Someone who can come in analyze our use of the tool and conduct training onsite.

    Id be forever grateful for your rec's.

    Thanks, John Dito
    Director of IT
    The San Francisco Art Institute
  • While I don't live in your area, I'd be happy to help you for free if we can do it remotely, either over the phone or via email contact. I have extensive experience with the program.

    I've talked to a number of RE users in the same position.

    It is very expensive to train users in the RE program, and consequently many organizations are simply unable to operate RE with reasonable functionality and efficiency. I believe your situation is widespread among organizations that use Raiser's Edge, and that many nonprofits and charitable orgs. need affordable consulting/training. Otherwise, a number of excellent service orgs. will continue to waste their limited financial and human resources.

    I am currently researching your problem -- I want to know how many nonprofits have purchased the Raiser's Edge technology but feel they do not have (and cannot afford) staffmembers who are trained to use it.

    In fact, I am considering my own "consulting/training" nonprofit whose intention is to help other nonprofits that are struggling with this situation.

  • John,

    Here are some resources for Raiser's Edge training beyond what Blackbaud offers:
    Heller Consulting
    NFP Technologies
    Jaconsen Consulting

    You might also post your question on the unofficial Raiser's Edge forums:


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  • We provide Raisier's Edge Training for Non Profits via Remote Access at Reduced rates. We have many years experince working with Blackbaud and their products. Please email me and I'd be happy to discuss alternative s with you.

    We find that Raisers Edge is really a terrific product but most people by the time they pay for it don't really have enough money left to pay for the training to really fully utilize all its functionalilty. Remote training lets us reduce the costs of implementation and training.
  • Could you give me a little more detail as to what your training includes and what the costs are. We have recently migrated to RE7 but are dealing with the archeology of about 15 years of past users -- and not much of a road map.
  • If you two want to start talking prices and services, I'd suggest that you take the conversation off line. If one of you will fill out your user profile, the other can contact you via email or a private message.


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  • Could we please set up some basic training for Raisers edge. It's needed to apply for another position within my company.
  • Dawn,

    Contact Blackbaud, or any of the companies listed earlier in this thread, to set up training. Some of them can also conduct training via the web, or provide self-paced training.

    If you can't afford any of those options, check with large nonprofits in your area that use Raiser's Edge. They might have a trainer on staff, or be able to direct you to local resources.

    One other option is to ask for help on the Raiser's Edge forum on Yahoo Groups:


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  • Please contact me. I'd like to know more about your training.
  • I would recommend Heller consulting.

    We used them to do a two day in-house training session that was more useful then the blackbaud week course.

  • Did you ever find someone outside of Blackbaud to help you with training?
  • CBS focuses exclusively on the software technology needs for non-profits. We have worked with many organizations to equip and enable them the ability to further leverage their Blackbaud systems. Since 1998, we have been providing a cost effective alternative for services relating to Blackbaud products. Over the last eight years we have helped more than 400 customers maximize the use of their Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, and Education Edge software. Our team includes a Raiser’s Edge consultant who was a director of development using Raiser’s Edge for more than twelve years. Additionally, we have a programmer that was an integral part of the Raiser’s Edge programming team, at Blackbaud for more than seven years. As a nationally recognized industry leader, we take pride in offering outstanding professional services to our client.

    I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss with your goals, objectives and needs. Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks!
  • I'm one of those nonprofits who invested everything that was suggested by Raisers' Edge to have our staff using the software successfully. That was three years ago. Then I hired a nonprofit to train us again. (It was their specialty and they were recommended to us by a local funder.) They failed us miserably also, but I invested thousands. I am in despair, but we are now starting at the beginning and I'm trying to call them when I need help and get the tutoring we need. However, my time is so limited, that if they can't help me immediately, I often have to forget it. Our office manager, who is not a tech wizard is making progress, but she is not a good teacher for anyone else. We can enter data, but that's as far as it goes for me to have confidence that we are doing it right. I'lll be very interested in the responses you get.
  • We offer high-quality, affordable on-site RE training. We have been working with RE clients nationally since 1993 and have worked with fundraising software since 1984. Feel free to contact me for more information.
    Cheryl Weissman
  • I also offer Raisers Edge Training.

    I have been using and teaching Raisers Edge since the days of DOS. Would be happy to train, clean data, set configuration, evaluate efficiency and write recommendation. Compared to Blackbaud and other consultants pricing in low, efficiency high and affordable for non-profits.

    Training is KEY.
    Debbie Moore