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Looking for Help Desk/Call Log Software

Looking for Help Desk/Call Log Software

  • We are a small animal shelter and have a great need for a solution to manage a growing volume of customer encounters.   An "encounter" can originate from a variety of sources including emails, phone calls, people walking in the door, a facebook post , an online form, etc.  The application needs to be multi-user and cloud based because users work in various locations, including remotely.  The application needs to be customizable, have robust reporting capabilities and allow exporting of data.  

    I know what we're looking for can't be unique but I just haven't been able to put my fingers on an application that meets all our needs and is, of course, affordable.

    Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

  • Hi ,  if you a/e still looking for one, here is a link to a cloud based Helpdesk system.

  • After much research, I launched our in-house IT helpdesk using Freshdesk. It is completely customizable, free for up to 3 agents and offers unlimited "customers".  I set each of our staff members up as a customer. They submit requests for assistance with all things IT through the online portal.  Things have run seamlessly since initiation in May of 2013.

    The only limitation that I see in the free subscription is very limited reporting options. If reports are a priority for you though, you can opt for the paid account for something like $15/a month.

    Good luck!

  • Here are four options that are cheap or free:

    These are listed in my hosting account under "Fantastico". I have no connection with them, but have tried a couple in the past and thought they worked pretty good for being free.