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time tracking software - your experience, suggestions?

time tracking software - your experience, suggestions?

  • How do you track the time you give to different projects? Do you use software to help you?

    I found this article, 5 digital trackers that can help make you more productive, from Daily Worth, which highlights these packages:

    Chronos (Mac, $6) "If you like your software bare-bones, Chronos is a nice option."

    Nutcache (Web-based, free) "Its strength lies in the breadth of its timekeeping: It can track various employees across different projects, work sites and even languages (French, English and Spanish, with more to come). It can issue estimates, get them electronically approved by clients and later compare them against your final bills both individually and as a group."

    OfficeTime ($47 for Windows/Mac, $7.99 for universal iPhone/iPad app) "this tracker offers pros lots of bells and whistles (including expense tracking and iPhone or iPad mobility) for its admittedly hefty price."

    Paymo (Windows/Mac; free account available) "This cloud-based solution wraps project management and billing around time-tracking—and can go with you on your smartphone if you’ll be out of the office. "

    RescueTime (Windows/Mac, free version available) "If you spend most of your work hours staring at a screen, this tried-and-proven program might be the one for you. It runs in the background on your computer, tracking what applications, websites or documents you’re using, and then provides daily breakdowns and trend reports (what day you tend to be most productive, for instance). "

    And then I found another at this article on virtualworkteam.comHarvest: "A straight forward and reliable time monitoring application. It offers you a comprehensive break-up of your time used and therefore enables you to bill in an precise manner." From the web site: "We offer a 15% discount for educational and non-profit institutions."

    I'm going to try all the free ones myself

    Have you used any of these? Or something else?

  • Our agency uses Pangaea360 which (disclaimer) was developed in-house for project management/time tracking. You can track billable and unbillable hours by project or by employee, and then see an overview of where your time is being spent.

  • So, Jocelyn, what you mean is that your company uses a product that it developed to sell to others? Do you have any nonprofit users of your company's software?

  • I developed my own system using an Excel spreadsheet. Posted the template and instructions at

  • I am working from home and I've been using Time Doctor ( for 2 years now. The software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux environment. I’ve started using it since 2011 and it really helped me cut my unproductive time when I’m working at the computer. What I liked most with this software is it can take screenshots in a random manner (depends on how it was setup by the manager), sends daily/weekly reports which is good for the type of project I’m working on. Especially if you have disputes about your time, you can provide the screenshot(s) to your manager proving that you’ve been working for these period of time.

  • I have used Freshbooks for a few years, in my IT consulting business which sometimes involves work with other freelancers / subcontractors. Freshbooks is an Internet-based service and is useful if you work with a distributed team. It's quite simple to get people set up even if they are working with you on an ad-hoc basis and only need to track a few hours. As long as you have only one "admin" user, it is perepetually free. Its time tracking system allows you to define projects and have multiple people log time to these projects - you can then view per project, task or team member how much time was spent. You can also give access to the timesheets to people outside the organization. If relevant, Freshbooks also allows you to convert project time tracking into an invoice so you can bill another organization for the hours.

    I should mention that in fact Freshbooks is a full accounting system, but I am using it mainly for the time tracking feature and it works well for me.



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  • I've used hubstaff as a platform to track time worked on my projects. What I like about it is the automatic screenshot collection and the advanced reporting tool which highlights stuff like the total time spent on projects, the level of activity the amount owed to me based on my rate and much more. This level of detail keeps me on track and organised. You can find more about the app at

  • We have been using employee time tracking software to manage our in house as well as remote employees. our teams productivity has increased drastically after we started using this. Their support is extremely helpful in configuring the application to suit your needs.

  • I guess the list is pretty good. I prefer for time tracking and online invoicing. The starting plan in for Invoicera is completely free. It has got a host of great features like multiple languages and multi-currency payment options.

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  • I've been using Toggl for time tracking for the past few months.

    Of all the time tracking tools I've tried, Toggl leads the pack for me (so far) because I find it to be the easiest and most effective to use.  You simply create a task in Toggle, then click on "start" to launch the timer, then "stop" to end time tracking for that task.  That's pretty much all you have to worry about with Toggle.  Of course, it comes with additional features such as detailed reports that give you an overview of where you spend your time, and how long (or how little) you're spending on your tasks and projects.  There's a free plan and paid plan ($5 per month per user).  I also installed "ToggleDesktop", which is the version of Toggle you can download and install on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux)  to more conveniently track time.

    Harvest, on the other hand, is both is a web-based time tracking and invoicing solution.  I recently started using Harvest to create, send and track invoices.  Also, I tried it for time tracking -- but I keep going back to Toggle.

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  • I would recommend checking out TSheets as well. They have mobile time tracking solutions for just about every device you can think of so employees can clock in on the go. They also have some great direct integrations with companies like ZenPayroll & QuickBooks. The time tracking integration with QuickBooks is seamless and if you are already using QuickBooks all of you employee information and jobs/projects transfer from QuickBooks right into TSheets. Pricing is pretty reasonable and you only pay for employees that are actually clocking in to track projects.  

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