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Windows licensing

  • I inherited a Microsoft environment where the licensing is a bit suspect.  The Windows 7 Pro licenses apparently are "donated Enterprise licenses".  I'd rather be 100% sure that we were in cmopliance.  I'd also like to have the option to upgrade to Windows 8 sometime in the next year.

    My question is:  Do I get Windows 7 Pro Get Genuine licenses and then the Windows 8 upgrade license?  Or does getting  Windows 8 Pro Get Genuine licenses allow me to install Windows 7 Pro?

    Thanks for your advice.

  • This is a comment rather than an answer to this question, I am working in Africa where unlicensed software is easily available and enforcement of license conditions more or less unknown.

    FOSS software is not a solution in all cases and in many it may not be possible or appropriate. However, I must say that for me one of the attractions of Free and Open Source software is that I do not have to waste my time understanding the complexity of licenses and tracking what licensed software I have deployed. The lesson from the legal music download scene is that if you make buying licensed material easy and affordable people will do it. Unfortunately the software industry (in particular Microsoft) has not got this message yet. Their concern over 'the user experience' seems to end at licenses.

    Do not take this as gospel because I am no lawyer but the common practise of downgrading from MS Vista to XP was legal.

    Peter Cheer
    Information Management Officer Pakistan Humanitarian Forum

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  • I am a huge fan of FOSS. A way to be sure you are 100% in compliance would be to switch to, say, Ubuntu Linux.

    I haven't used Windows in years, so hope someone will jump in with an answer to your question. 

  • Well, since no one has answered the question, I will:

    I purchased a VLK license for 50 seats of Windows 7 (I only needed two, but there we are).  With that license, I was able to access the Microsoft Volume Licensing site, which gave me access to legal downloads and licenses of Windows XP and Windows Vista.  

    Additionally, I've purchased new computers with Windows 8 pre-installed, and I was able to contact Microsoft and request a Windows 7 downgrade license at no cost.  (the media to install the OS was a small cost to purchase - $20, IIRC)

    Based on that experience, I'd believe that a VLK (or similar, multi-seat) license for Windows 8 would  include licensing for previous versions of windows, including windows 7 and windows XP.