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Putting MS Access Database Online

Putting MS Access Database Online

  • I have a MS Access Database in Access 2010 that i would like to put up and make available through a web browser.  How can i do this?  What is the simplest path?  It does have a lot of inner connects and queries.

  • Can you explain what you mean by "make available"? Do you want to use the data to populate a website? Produce a table of data? Or are you looking at making it interactive, allowing users to update it?

    In either case, if you have a large amount of traffic, Access has pretty poor performance and limited connection capability. For a higher-traffic site, more robust databases like MySql, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server would do the job better.

    If you just want to use the database as a read-only source (populating tables or fields), Access is OK. You will have to write code to connect to the database and extract the data you need. This can be done in a variety of languages and depends upon what your web server supports (e.g., PHP, ASP, Java, .NET).

    If you want to make it interactive, you should only allow registered users access it, so it should be on a password-protected site. Otherwise, hackers will have a field day with it. To make it interactive, you will need more code to connect to the database and control/validate the data types being entered. There are some existing tools that will do this for you, such as this one (I have never used this and cannot recommend it, it is just an example of what is out there):

    Or do you simply want to post the database for others to download and use on their local systems? If that is the case, you could share it through a cloud-based tool like Sharepoint or Dropbox. With Sharepoint, you can even control levels of permissions (read, write, edit) - more on that here:

  • I concur with greenmon that you will need to post some more specifics of what you are wanting to achieve for your users in order to get any useful advice. There are a lot of different scenarios and approaches that could come under this umbrella.