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Mapping Software that Provides Route Optimization.

Mapping Software that Provides Route Optimization.

  • I see that TechSoup has a discounted version of Microsoft MapPoint Europe - but not North America. I need mapping software that allows you to put in multiple locations and then optimize the route based on a start and end location. It is really fabulous when you have 10 to 15 sales calls and want to make sure you are driving the most efficient route possible.

    Does anyone have suggestions for other software - free would be great? I haven't been able to find anything that optimizing the routes.

  • I did a quick search and came across (and tested) a site that utilizes Google Maps. - give it a go!  Plenty of options (like export the trip to google maps, print it and all directions, download a waypoint style CSV file for importing into a GPS)

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  • you can try c2routeapp.  this is designed to do exactly what you need.  go to

    or call 813 413 6318.

  • Dear bluehairtech,

    TechSoup does list MS MapPoint 2013 for North America for $15.  Here's the link.

    Dear tespo,

    Judging from the web site, the software you mentioned costs about $500 per year.  I wouldn't call that free or cheap.

    Are you connected with the company?  I see that you've recommended it on other forums.



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  • Thank you - all three of you for responding to my request.  I am so glad you found the MapPoint software on TechSoup Robert; I will be buying it for $15.  Well worth it for the type of driving that I have to do.

  • Hey, I saw you found an option that seems to work for you, But I'm also in sales and I've been using the Badger Map lately and really helps me to maximize my routes and sales.