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Microsoft office 2010 won't install on Windows 7

Microsoft office 2010 won't install on Windows 7

  • I get this error message when I try to install............

    This version of the file is not compatible with the version of windows your running.

    Check your computers system information to see whether you need an 32 bit or 64 bit version of hte program, then contact the software publisher.


    I have Windows 7 32 bit.  I don't get it.  It should be compatible right?



  • I have been on hold with TechSoup customer service for 40 minutes!

    What the heck?  I didn't wait this long talking to microsoft who told me I had to

    call Tech soup for this problem!




  • The 32 bit version of Microsoft Office 2010 installs just fine on both Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. I haven't had any issues.

    There is a 64 bit version of Microsoft Office. If you try installing that on a 32 bit system you'll get the error listed above.

  • There is no way of determinng which version it is either on the website, looking at the DVD or clicking on any of the files.

    I was shipped 4 dvds all saying they are office pro 2010.

    I finally got one of the DVD's to start installing.  I am guessing the others

    are defective. 


  • They are not defective, they are just not named very nicely.  That's Microsoft, not TechSoup.  If you pay very close attention to exactly everything printed on the DVDs, you will notice subtle differences in what they say is on each disc.  I'm glad you got the issue resolved.

    None of the licenses that Microsoft issues via TechSoup come with support.  TechSoup does not technically offer technical support, either.  And by their agreement with Microsoft, they can't actually provide tech support.  You can sometimes find help here in the forums, but if you need actual speedy technical support, then you can buy incidents with Microsoft at $250 each incident and they will assist you.

    That's just the nature of the arrangement.  TechSoup clearly cannot afford to staff a help desk and its not in their mission to do so.  Volunteers like us here on the forums try to help where we can.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • The DVDs are not defective so you do not want to get rid of them. The one that is installing is probably Office 2010 32 bit version. That will install, and is recommended to be installed, on both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. One of the other dvds is probably the 64 bit version. etc. etc.