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Will Scribus work for print shops?

Will Scribus work for print shops?

  • We're looking for a low-cost (or free) desktop publishing program that will create files that can be used as-is by professional printers.  We have one copy of Adobe InDesign, but we need to have the software available to more than one staff member at a time, and can't afford another copy of InDesign (we don't qualify for Adobe's donation program).

    The major advantage of InDesign is that a professional print shop can use the file directly, which is not the case with, for example, Publisher.  Does anyone have any feedback on whether the files created by Scribus can be sent directly to a print shop without having to be modified?

    Mike Kirros IS Coordinator Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund Midwest Regional Office

  • Allot of print shops can accept PDF for their source input.  So as long as you set things up for CMYK at the resolution you desire, you may be able to deliver PDF docs for printing. 

    I would contact your print shops to see what they work with in PDF.  Also prepare a sample document in Scribus - checking the save and output formats available, and also output to PDF.  Take them to to printer and see what they can open.



  • We have been doing B&W web pressed newsletters through Scribus for over a year without any problems.  Recently we did look into color, and it seemd all was good (we got all the way to getting test proofs, and they looked well). though the big challenge is if you are using Linux is color matching - there are tools, (lprof) but it seems a tad primitive when compared to the Mac.

    Another tip is it may take a bit longer to get your master templates setup, text styling on scribus isn't as flexible as PageMaker/InDesign (yet), so you should make sure your styles are all set up (good DTP practice anyway), trying to modify type sections on the fly can sometimes be hard.  Auto page guides and photo filtering is much nicer on the new versions, and some of the text work is a bit more forgiving.

    But as far as press PDF compatibility I never had an issue with it, just set Scribus to do press quality PDF and embed all the fonts (both are a couple clicks at most).