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Can't BOOT from UPGRADE disk Windows 7

Can't BOOT from UPGRADE disk Windows 7

  • I can't boot from the upgrade windows 7 32bit disk that Techsoup supplied us with.

    I called dell and they walked me through it but we were unable to get the computer to boot from it to do the CUSTOM install ( I have xp pro)

    I tried it on several machines.

    I ALSO had the disks replaced.

    Can anyone tell me if they have had any luck with these disks?

  • Hi terri,

    I know it flies in the face of everything you know about installing Windows as a clean install, but you don't boot from the Upgrade disks.  In fact, Upgrade disks for Windows 7 are not bootable by design from Microsoft.  They are intended to upgrade in place operating systems.

    Stick the DVD in the drive while XP is running and it will give you the option for custom install from the screen.  It will warn you that the drive will be destroyed.

    If you need bootable media, you can download that from the Microsoft Licensing site.  They offer ISO downloads for bot the Windows 7 full install and its upgrade.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • Thanks Chris that helped me also.  Too bad they didn't put a big sticker saying that the media is not bootable.  Probably could have save a lot of people time.  I download the windows 7 cd.

  • When I bought the media from TechSoup, there was info on how to use the disks and they specifically said the upgrade disks would have to use a CUSTOM install if I was upgrading from xp, wiping out the info on the drive.

    So these donations from Microsoft are not any use to me unless I install Vista first then upgrade from Techsoup disk?

    Thanks, Laura


  • The donation is usable for a clean install (provided you meet the upgrade requirements), you have to down load the correct disk image from Microsoft. 

    The media that comes with the order is not usable unless Vista Pro or XP pro is already installed on the machine.

    Your choice, down load the correct media or install vista first.


  • Laura,

    As Dave indicates, you will not be able to install anything but the "custom" install method of Windows 7 when upgrading from Windows XP - this will wipe the drive.  If you need to follow some upgrade path so you can continue to use the software and data that is on your system(s), then he is right, you must first install Vista.  You must install Vista Business edition, update it to Vista's latest service pack, then install the Windows 7 upgrade.

    I do not recommend this path at all.  Personally, I would backup all of the data on the system, find installation materials for all of the software I use, and install Windows 7 as a custom, clean install.  Then reinstall software, restore data from the backup.

    If you use outlook, you will also want to backup your .NK2 files as well as backing up your Outlook data (that only backs up your active data, you may need to take extra steps to backup any archived data) and also make sure you export/backup your bookmarked URLs.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • How do I go about downloading the media? I am assuming then I need to burn some kind of boot cd?




  • You should have received some email about licensing and the Microsoft Licensing website.  Login and select "Download" you will see the download for Windows 7 when you select "Licensed downloads".  You will be given access to a DVD ISO, which you should be able to make from a burning software with a "Burn disc from Image" option.  You will need a DVD burner though, not just a CD burner.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting