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MS Word vs MS One

  • So the other day my wife asks me the difference between MS Word and MS One. She has a Dell that came with Microsoft Office 2007 - Student Teacher Edition. Apparently this edition has a piece of software in it called MS One. From what I could tell, it seems to be some sort of organizational software to track documents of similar subject matter. However, one is also able to use MS One as a word processor to type notes into. 

    She uses One for her Masters degree and takes class notes directly into One. I checked her class note files and they end with ".one" rather than a typical Word document ending with ".doc or .docx". She loves taking notes in this program, as you are able to type text and very simply add diagrams without affecting the spacing, margins, etc. The text appears to be in some sort of text box. This program reminds me of MS Publisher. And she uses One to organize all her class notes and even active/inactive classes.

    My questions are many. Have any of you ever heard of or have used MS One before? What's it's intended purpose? Can you easily go from a .one file to a .doc file? If her entire Master's degree notes are in One, will she end up cursing at the program because she'll have to export to word? I'm thinking down the road, when we no longer have the Student Teacher edition of Office 2007, therefore no longer having One, will she even be able to access these file? She was wondering if she should start using Word for her class notes for the following semester, and slowly begin moving her .one files over to .docx files. And last one, I swear, is this something MS hoped would catch on but never did?




    Jason Blais, Communications & Technology Coordinator

    Maine Rural Water Association

  • @jasonblais - do you mean OneNote?  I use it all the time.  Its a separate add on for most office packages for like $80 retail.  Mine came with it, though.  I think I have office 2007 enterprise.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • Yes, OneNote, that's it. Sorry about that.


    Jason Blais, Communications & Technology Coordinator

    Maine Rural Water Association