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Need software for food pantry

Need software for food pantry

  • We have a food pantry and we are looking for software for our food pantry can anyone point to the right direction

    where  can I get one?

  • Take a look at mine.  It is free.



    Free case management software for food pantries/emergency services 501(c)(3) organizations. See:

  • I am quite sure this is a little late to make a difference to you and your non-profit but I am going to share here anyways. 


    Your post caught my eye because I believe our software FoodBank Manager will fit your needs; it is built to handle very large organizations and the small Churches, Food Pantry’s and Non-Profits and is completely customizable.  Check out my site at  You can use it to track Volunteers, Guests, Staff,  also, food, clothing, lodging, gas vouchers, dental checkups, flu shot programs, firewood... absolutely any goods or services you may want to provide.  Web based, login from anywhere, use any platform, Ipads, Iphones, Laptops, PC's, Mac's etc...  Look at the Features and the Faq's, there is a lot of information there. The price is very reasonable; less than most monthly cell phone bills and the license is a site license with unlimited users from that site.

    Maybe this can still help you, I hope it helps others too.


    Don DeDecker

    Co-Founder Sox Box Software

  • Our company, Food Pantry Solutions, has developed software to assist food pantries with their record keeping and reporting requirements.

    Here is some helpful information about our software:

    FoodStar is a reliable, easy-to-use software program to help Food Pantries manage their member list, food distribution and record keeping. It meets USDA requirements and can be used by both USDA and non-USDA food pantries. FoodStar can also use an optional electronic signature pad, so your food pantry can be completely PAPERLESS!

    • No Internet Connection Required
    • No Monthly Fees
    • One-time low price

    Check it out at

    I hope this helps!

    Peggy Pate

  • Hello, does your food pantry software include the ability to track volunteer hours?



  • Hi Aimee,

    This is Don from Sox Box Software. If you are asking about FoodBank Manager which is a pantry management tool. It tracks volunteer hours and also donation management plus everything else a pantry needs.  More can be found at

    Have a great day!