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Help aludite - Licenses for Microsoft

Help aludite - Licenses for Microsoft

  • So we are wanting to order Window 2007 and Windows Publisher. I am so confused about seats and licensing......We need to be able to put them on 3 computers.


    Should I order one of each and then licenses for 3 computers and if so which licences. We are a small non-profit so we do not have a network. Thansks for any help.

  • For these products a seat = a license.  So you have a total order of 6 seats which meets the minimum requirements.  You need a license for each machine, so quantity  3 Windows 7 and Quantity 3 Publisher.  However look into Office Professional  which includes Publisher and you could have the latest and greatest of the office tools.

    Standard warning  LOOK into your crystal ball and determine your software needs for the next 12 months, you cannot order at these prices for 12 months, this is the time to get an extra copy for the shelf in case you add another position.  Also see if there are any other productivity like Visio or Map point that may be beneficial.


  • I was under the belief there are 2 different (SEAT) licences. 1 that allows you to load the software to 1 PC per license. The other is a USER license as seen for server applications that you have 1 product key that covers 5, to 25 USERS. A volume license is one product key but covers 5 to 25 PCs you can load the software to.

    Here's a link to Microsofts website, please sit sown before reading it'll make your head spin.