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pdf files won't open

  • I run Office 2007 and Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (which I transferred from my old computer).  I can not open a pdf. file without going through "Open with" and selecting Adobe Acrobat.  It is very irritating because I can't do that from Outlook without first saving the file somewhere else.  Suggestions?

  • What OS are you running?

    In general you need to set the files of type so that files with the .pdf extension will direct the OS to use Acrobat reader to open the file with. 

    In XP if you open a windows explorer window (like my computer)  >> tools >> Folder options >> file types  then scroll through the list of registered file types.  You should find PDF as an Adobe Acrobat Document and opens with Adobe Reader.

    I'm not sure where this is in Vista I think it's in the control panel

    If you are not successful fixing the file type there, then uninstall Acrobat reader and reinstall it from a down load from Adobe.


  • I originally thought of the same thing, Dave - but the OP has Acrobat 8 Pro - not Reader.

    A quick way to change the default program type in most Windows versions is here.  The link specifically says Windows XP, but I verified the same would work for 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • Good link Chris,  and definitely an easier way to change the association.

    I've occasionally had problems that I couldn't get the association back to where it should be and resorted to the install to get it working right.  I've also had problems where the attachment will not launch from outlook but you can save the attachment to my documents and double click the document there.

    It can still be the file association issue with either reader or pro, just more steps to un-install and reinstall.

    Does the OP have any other PDF software besides PRO, like a trial of Nitro or other Acrobat clones?  This could have left some file association issues when Pro was installed.


  • I'm thinking (hoping) the file association was never made on the new PC - depending on the way Acrobat 8 Pro was transferred from the old PC.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • When you install Acrobat, the file association should be automatic right especially if its a new PC and there's no previous pdf reader installed. I'd like to know what will happen if the OP just double click on any pdf file.

  • Thank you - your suggestion worked beautifully. For some reason I wasn't getting notified when a post was made.  I was cursing the problem - yet again today and logged back on to beg for help and found your answer.  I really appreciated your response.  I spend a lot of my time writing grants and all federal grants have to be in pdf format now, so this was a daily probelm. Susie Reehl