One thing I'd like to mention is that there are a number of good projects that are providing office applications (word processor, spread sheet, presentations, etc.) as Open Source software.

Right now I use OpenOffice ( exclusively for my everyday office needs. The most recent versions work great with documents created by, umm, that other Office suite B-). People I correspond with don't really know that I'm not using, umm, the Other Office Software.

Another good office project is KOffice (, part of the KDE project ( KOffice is somewhat more comprehensive than OpenOffice, but I've found it doesn't interoperate so well with other productivity apps.

Another program is AbiWord ( I have mixed feelings about it, but some people really like it.

Anyways, I guess my main point is that Office suite licenses are probably one of the biggest computer-related costs for small businesses. It makes sense to move to inexpensive Open Source alternatives.