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Microsoft Licensing

  • I'm trying to order Microsoft Publisher for my organization along with the minimum number of licenses. I am confused, however, on how exactly I do this and what exactly is the cost. Do just need to type "5" into the quantity box while placing an order and that will get me 5 licenses? Or do I just put "1" to get the software and then have to contact Microsoft (or someone else) separately?

    So then the price would be the TechSoup admin fee for each license? Microsoft doesn't list any fees on their website.

    I have searched for this throughout the community and on this website and haven't been able to find my answer...everything I read just makes it foggier.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hello, sorry to hear of your confusion. If you are looking to be able to use Publisher on 5 different computers, then you'll need to purchase a quantity of 5 licenses from Tech Soup. The admin fee is charged per license. During the checkout process, you'll get an option of whether or not you would like the install media, and you'll definitely want the media shipped to you from Microsoft. Even though you are purchasing 5 licenses, you'll only receive one installation disc. You'll receive an email with the information you need to retrieve the license keys from the EOpen website. Hope this helps clarify things. Best of luck to you!

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