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Tax Preparation Software for Non-profits?

Tax Preparation Software for Non-profits?

  • Does anyone have a suggestion/recommendation for a tax preparation software package that is well suited for a small non-profit? PC or Mac. Thanks for considering this. -- Sam
  • So what kind of nonprofit are you and what taxes (federal and/or state) are you subject to?

    Most nonprofits obtain federal tax exemption status and state tax exemption also.


    Free case management software for food pantries/emergency services 501(c)(3) organizations. See:

  • Thanks Bob and my apologies. I was in a brief conversation with some friends with a non-profit who were wondering if, given that their tax savvy volunteer was no longer available, there was software that could assist in the tax preparation that he had been doing. I told them I knew of this great community of people on the techsoup website and I'd try to find out.

    You are right - it is the 990 Form (for tax exemption) that they would like assistance with.
    I Google'ed +"990 form" +software and found several relevant packages.

    So my question now is do you or others have a 990 Form software package to recommend?

    The non-profit's only mission is a supportive housing 12-unit apartment for people with serious and persistent mental illness. Case managementtent is provided too.

    Many thanks -- Sam
  • We have used for 4 years and have been very happy.

  • Thanks! Will look ino it. - Sam
  • that was recommended above seems to have a new URL -
  • this thread is 3 years old and after struggling with using a spreadsheet & the IRS fill in PDF form online last year, I was wondering if there are any other 990 software products out there. I use Quickbooks for non-profits thanks to Tech Soup, but setting up their not for profit  categories to get a report is cumbersome and can lead to errors.

    Thanks in advance.