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Windows Vista?

  • Is Windows Vista going to be one of the products offered at TechSoup?

    If so, is it known when it will become available and which versions of Vista will be offered?
  • I'm guessing by the glaring lack of replies that I either asked a stupid question or one that has already been answered somewhere else.

    If this has already been answered, could someone please point me to that topic. I did a search previously and didn't find any posts that asked the same questions I did.
  • Windows Vista should be available now through the charity license program. Microsoft has discontinued the Windows XP licenses so Vista should be all that's available. There were not any price changes and Vista is "backwards compatible" so you can install Windows XP Pro with Vista Business or Enterprise licenses.

    Any questions let me know.

  • The purchase of former XP licenses also included software assurance. This assurance allows you to upgrade to the newest version.
  • Windows Vista is available now on the eOpen site. If you have obtained WinXP through TechSoup and meet the requirements listed on you license page, you can download Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Enterprise.

  • Is Vista Ultimate available under the eOpen program? Since we are an artistic non-profit the media features of Vista are just as important for us as the security/business features. Only being able to get Vista Business would be somewhat limiting.
  • No Ultimate is not part of eOpen since eOpen is for volume licensing of Microsoft products to large corporations. Anyway, the only extra features you get with the Ultimate edition that are "media" related are the media center components for viewing photos and videos as a home media center. I don't see how any of this would help a artistic design business. It's not like it includes Adobe Creative Suite or something.
  • Could you clarify? I acquired licenses to XP Pro earlier this year and also last summer. Can I get Vista Enterprise or can I only get Vista Business?

    Morris Cox | Network Technologist | Red Rock Center for Independence | St. George, Utah

  • So if we have Windows XP licenses and Software Assurance through eOpen we can upgrade for free? How do we obtain the installation media for Vista? Thanks!
  • ok I found the media on the eOpen site, but now TechSoup say that I can't get the new Volume License Keys until a year has passed from my last order.
  • You could try the media with the VLKs that you currently have.

    Morris Cox | Network Technologist | Red Rock Center for Independence | St. George, Utah

  • The process for getting Windows Vista is as follows:

    1. Go to the eOpen site
    2. Click on "Unhide Licenses"
    3. Click on your current license.
    4. Follow directions for changing the KMS license to a MAC license. This is the key you will use to install Windows Vista.
    5. Click on the Home button at the top left.
    6. Click on the link that says "New Product Downloads: Download 2007 Office System and other new software releases."
    7. Click on " View All Windows Vista Products"
    8. Click on the Windows Vista product you want.
    9. Download the version [suggest using download manager especially of you don't have broadband access]
    10. Burn the image file to a DVD.

  • The software assurance for Windows XP Professional includes upgrade rights to Vista Business NOT Vista Enterprise (although you probably have access to download the media through e-Open). Likewise on a side note, Office XP Professional software assurance found here includes upgrade rights to Office 2007 Professional Plus and NOT Office 2007 Enterprise.
  • An additional note, most businesses should not upgrade to Vista until the service pack. From what I hear, Vista will not run MSDE or any version of SQL server currently out.
  • Dear Readers,

    There is a lot of information here, and questions, and I apologize in advance if my response fails to answer something.

    [note: as of 01/31/2007, TechSoup Stock is offering Vista and Office 2007].

    At this time, Vista is not available through TechSoup Stock. We do anticipate being able to offer Vista later this year, probably sometime during the second calendar quarter, though we have not been given a precise date or price that it will be available at through our service at this time.

    For those who have previously purchased XP licenses through TechSoup Stock, you are eligible to upgrade to Vista licenses, you will need to follow the instructions in the Software Assurance portion of our Microsoft FAQ in order to do so.

    I hope this helps!
    - Jodi-lee
    Jodi-lee Clews Customer Service TechSoup Stock