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Looking for a good substitute for Broderbund's 'The Print Shop'

Looking for a good substitute for Broderbund's 'The Print Shop'

  • Hello:

    I am the I.T. Specialist for a homeless shelter for families.

    We have a preschool for all the children that come through the shelter. Our preschool teacher, therefore, often needs to make colorful banners, posters and notices for the kids and their parents.

    I know that Broderbund's "The Print Shop" does an excellent job making items like this. But as always in the world of non-profits, budget contraints don't give us much in the way of funds for software.

    So, I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a good substitute (even open sourced if it's for Windows) for "The Print Shop" or else some place where we might get it super cheap or donated.

    Now, I know of and have used Adobe's Photoshop and other graphics manipulation/editing programs. Being a techie, I love going deeply into a program and learning it. However, most of the people here are computer users who want their software to work right out of the box with hardly any training or learning curve. And Photoshop (excellent program that it is) or something like it, therefore, wouldn't meet the need because no one here has the time to teach himself or herself how to use it or to be taught how to use it.

    So, if anyone has any suggestions, I would be most appreciative.

  • Some versions of MS Office come with Publisher, which is supposed to compete with Print Shop (i.e., easy to use, jazzy results, not too complicated.)

    I have had good results with just MS Word. It just takes a little more finagling. But you can do a lot with clip art, tables and text boxes. I am sure its open source counterparts can do the same.


  • Have you looked at Scribus? It free open source software that has many features though it is easy to use. It doen'y have clipart but will accept images downloaded from the 'net or from those inexpensive clipart CDs at Staples, etc.
  • I can understand the desire (need) to find low-cost alternatives to high-end products such as Photoshop.

    But the standard version of The Print Shop is about $25 and I think the deluxe version is about $40, and they both include several CD's worth of clip art and whatnot.

    If they only need the one copy, I'd suggest that they just buy it and be done with it.

  • Get a copy of Print Shop off eBay for dirt cheap. For the cost of a used copy you will recoup your investment in the amount of time it took to post this thread! :-)

    Tim Claremont
    Systems Administrator
    Rochester, NY

  • I just wanted to let everyone know, I have been using Print Shop Deluxe for 20 years.  Back then, and even up to about 15 years ago, it was a great program.  As time went on Broderbund has kept taking out more and more features, giving less and less for your money.  I spent over a hundred dollars for their professional version just to get the cropping feature, and now I can't even access any of the templates, ect. because they are only online, and the program won't allow me to go online to retrieve them.  I have had nothing but problems with the program since the day I bought it.  I am having a hard time finding a program that is just as good as Print Shop used to be.  I was able to do more 20 years ago then I can do now.  What a shame, I used to recommend it to everyone.