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How do you manage team members from afar?

How do you manage team members from afar?

  • In TechSoup's article Eight Tools to Keep Your Team Connected, eRider manager Teresa Crawford lists eight indispensable applications for keeping far-flung workers connected.

    What software has helped your organization manage team members working remotely?
    senior editor, TechSoup
  • YahooGroups has proven absolutely essential for several of the short-term and long-term projects I've managed involving remote staff (all volunteers). Its advantages:

    • works on any computer, Mac or PC, and any operating system, including older systems (several of the people I work with remotely work on what most of the TechSoup community would consider ancient machines)

    • allows users to choose a variety of ways to view messages (on the web, via email, as a daily digest)

    • has plenty of space for users to share files

    • has a private chat room associated with each YahooGroup

    • allows group users to see who else is online at the same time

    • has an easy-to-use search function for the message archive

    • has a shared calendar, and also allows users to share their personal calendars with each other

    I've also used WebEx twice for remote presentations, and have really liked it -- I'm on a Mac and still use OS 9.x, and it worked just fine.

    I've been fooling around with iVisit, but the remote staff (all volunteers) I work with have been reluctant to try it, or haven't had a good enough Internet connection for such.