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Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

  • We've just posted an article on Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases. How do you go about quantifying the impact your services have had on your community? Do you use a database? Do you have tips for implementing a system? [admin edit to correct URL]

    Frith Gowan Editor,
  • If anything, we have begun a project to begin to measure the impact of the population we serve. This system will be a database (MS Access) and provide a way so that multiple people can help track one student. Additionally, it will provide analytical reports so that we can adjust our services based on trends.

    As far as tips go, I would recommend understanding thoroughly the business processes so the system can improve and/or mimic the business processes being practiced.

  • Great article! I printed it for later system development use.

    One of the things I do is build "usage auditing" in to any web data-capture program I build. This tells me who has come to the site. More importantly, it tells me who has not come. Those who do visit get a thank you email, those who have not receive a series of "your comments are requested" type emails in hopes they will provide their input.

    But web or not, you have to build in (in advance) some sort of long-range tracking method or system. The members have to know you desire to track their progress and HOW you will be doing so. E.g., I'm attending a training program at my local Chamber, but they have no way to know, over time, if anyone benefited. I suggested they offer a once-per-month "workshop" following the training session where we (the class) implement what we have learned. That way they can track our success over time.

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  • Hey how are you? My name is Jordan Thayer and I work for HelpingHand Software, we offer client tracking and outcome management software for non-profits. Our software functions with Microsoft SQL Server. Our software is extremely easy to use and implement into an organization of any size. Please feel free to visit our website at It is currently under construction but, can provide an overview.
  • jt:

    You provided a URL that requires a password for entry. No one can see your product at this URL.

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  • I apologize for my last post, for some reason it will not let me post our link directly in here. Our website is up and does not require a log-in. If you are looking for the website simply type it into your browser field "".

  • name is Sharon Lowery, Director of Marketing and Quality Assurance, for Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute--a small software developer that specializes in case management software. Our premier product, R/Client, is a case management and outcomes database currently in use in about 30 states/provinces in the US and Canada. Please visit our website at for more information and to requst an internet demo. Thanks.
  • I think that I've asked this question before, but it really fits well with this set of thoughts and questions.

    We're in the process of needing to establish a HUMONGOUS database. Hundreds of thousands of records, maybe millions of records. The records are not large units, but all told, that's a bunch of data to push around. It will be collected via either a mySQL or MS-SQL applications.

    I would REALLY like to have some concrete recommendations or warnings about software that can be good with a small number of records and still good with a great number of records. I don't want to have to change software or versions, just to accommodate explosive or merely overly rapid growth.

    Anyone have some names of applications out there? Is there such a thing as off-the-shelf software to handle this kind of stuff or am I totally barking up the wrong tree??

    Speedy responses are greatly appreciated, either on thread or directly to me at

    Thanks in advance.
    Dean Thomas IACBE Metropolitan Kansas City MO
  • Hello,

    I have developed a community based, client management application, for a Non-Profit, Brigid Collins, as part of a program called W-I-S-H (Whatcom Integrated Services Host). It is designed for community service programs in our county (Whatcom County, Washington), to share and centralize client information. This will provide the client to enter information once, so when they go to another community service program in the county, that information will already be entered and the tediousness of redundant forms can be reduced for the clients. This will also provides case managers way to communicate and coordinate services.

    The main part is sql backend and front end, so it will be browsers based. If an Organization needs to use this as there main database then a custom module will be built with a software interface to fit their needs.

    Data transformation software will be implemented in the near future to transfer data between existing databases to reduce double entry; this will include the state legacy databases.

    A standalone module is also being developed for an out of the box solution for non-profits that are not part of this project.

    We are testing now and will go live before the first of the year.

    It has been a long development process, but I do believe the main database structure is sound and collects data that every org uses (demographic, etc.) and assists in managing clients and there services.
    Brigid Collins Family Support Center
  • >HelpingHand Software, we offer client tracking and >outcome management software for non-profits. >

    Your website does not work. I cannot view any information on your application.

    Bryan Hughes
    Brigid Collins Family Support Center
  • Hi,
    My name is Marlowe Greenberg and I run a case management software company called Foothold Technology.
    Please feel free to take a look at our website.
  • Hello, Sorry for anyone who has tried to access our website, I am currently working with one of our tech guys to re-design the website. If anyone is interested in receving information regarding HelpingHand Software please contact me directly at
  • I love the logo of the hand! Your in Pittsfield, MA thats great your just up noth of one of my houses. I am in East Hartford, but Have another home in the Springfield area... I used to go up to Phoenix Mutual in Pitts...

    Anyway Nice artwork on the Hand! It will go a long way in marketing your needs!

    Original and Nice!
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  • Thanks for the excellent article and discussion. Another option for consideration is Outcome Tracker by VistaShare.

    Outcome Tracker provides web-based client and outcome tracking to economic development and human service organizations.

    More information is available at

    Dave Smucker
    Harrisonburg, VA
  • I have built a client management database for use by basic human needs/emergency services agencies that provide food, clothing, funds to pay for prescriptions, utilities to avoid cutoff, rent to avoid eviction. It tracks the client, others in the household, income and expenses and each service provided. Various reports produced. Free to 501c3 organizations.


    Free case management software for food pantries/emergency services 501(c)(3) organizations. See: