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Cannot Access Outlook Web Access after SBS 2003 Upgrade

Cannot Access Outlook Web Access after SBS 2003 Upgrade

  • I recently upgraded our SBS 2000 server to SBS 2003, and now we are not able to use Outlook Web Access. To my knowledge, I did not change any of the previous settings, and there were no errors during the upgrade. I'm not familar with the set up for OWA, as the previous install was handled by a consultant. When trying to access OWA, the message is "the page cannot be displayed" with "cannot find server or DNS error" at the bottom. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this problem?
  • The thing you need to figure out first is whether this is an OWA problem, a DNS problem, or a firewall/authentication problem.

    What happens when you open http://localhost/exchange on the server? If that doesn't work. Try to open the ip address/exchange. i.e. ttp://

    If it works from the server. Try from a local computer. Both by http://servername/exchange and by the ip address.

    Try those out and let us/me know what happens.

  • Thanks, Russ. All options are working fine from the server and from any computer on the local network. I can pull up OWA without any issues internally.
  • If you can access it internally then try it from the WAN IP address from outside of your network. If you can get to it that way via IP then there is a DNS record that is messed up. Your local DNS A record may have been overwritten if you are pointing all requests to a local DNS server. Is there also an SSL cert on the OWA connection?
  • Are you running ISA by any chance? You may not know. It is Microsoft's firewall software. I have never really liked it, but they pushed it pretty hard with SBS 2000 and it would have gotten upgraded with the 2003 install.

    You may need to republish OWA to ISA. There are instructions here. ISA/OWA

    Having used ISA a bit, this is the first place I would look for a problem.