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MS Access Database for Client & Services Tracking

MS Access Database for Client & Services Tracking

  • I am looking for an application built in Microsoft Access database for client and services tracking. I am working with a United Way basic human needs agency that provides help with food, clothing and some financial assistance - gasoline, rent, utilities, Rx. The currently have an Access database which tracks clients, other household members, household age and race statistics and services provided by date, program, service and amount/quantity. They also track "unable to serve" requests.
    We are looking for an improved system for them to use. Also possibly for use by some other agencies in area communities which are not yet as advanced in computer databases.
    The database should provide source code. We will likely customize whatever I find. Also, would be interested in locally developed applications that might not be a base for development, but may have some good ideas we could glean, to incorporate into our final product.

    If you have or know of such, please contact me at

    Thank you.

    Bob Alston
  • You might want to check out Metrix:

    Its a contact/client management system that has a customizable "interactions" tool (built in Access). This tool can be defined as you need, to track basic profile information, or status points in a process (such as case management, event registration, grant apps, etc). While the flow of the user interface may not be conducive to what you are looking for in your end product, the system should give you some great ideas and possibly a base to customize from.


  • Thanks. Just downloaded the software. Having problem installing it. Sent note to the authors.