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Exceed! Basic fundraising software (donor database software)

Exceed! Basic fundraising software (donor database software)

  • I have been testing a version of Exceed! Basic and would like to know what other users' experiences have been with this software from Telosa (and any experience you have had with support from Telosa for any of its products). Compared to other software I have looked into, it is pretty feature-rich for the price ($499). As the "junior version" of their Exceed! Premier software, Telosa has limited the number of concurrent users to two and eliminated a few features such as matching gift processing and reports designed from scratch. But it continues to be an interesting prospect. Thanks for any info you can share!
    Jill Ohara Densho Seattle WA
  • Hi,
    I haven't used Exceed! myself, but I worked with a client last summer who wanted to use it, and learned in the process that all the Ronald MacDonald Houses use it. (Wonderful organization, BTW!) I talked to a few of them on behalf of my client and got rave reviews of Exeed! The Telosa people were also very helpful in answering my questions.
    If you'd like a contact name at RMH, please send me a private email.
    Hilary Naylor, Ph.D. Technology Assistance and Counselling 510.653.7194
  • Our organization recently installed Exceed and I have been very pleased with it. The import process was excellent, allowing us to preserve a lot of data from Excel, and the tech support has been very good, with prompt answers to any questions. We purchased the basic version. The one thing that Premier has that I wish was in basic is more global update options, for example, updating an activity for an entire group of donors at once.

    Good luck!
  • I am the Executive Vice President of an organization with about 3,000 donors lifetime and 1,000 current. I love the software. It is very easy to use, the report writer is extremely easy to use and it has all the features of the programs 3x as much.
    My recommendation-Buy IT!
  • Thanks to all you have contributed comments!

    We ran into some difficulties (the utility crashes)when testing the import utility for both Basic and Premier versions of Exceed. We were unable to solve the problem via tech support (perhaps the problem is specific to our data), so we opened the search to packages in addition to Exceed. One other concern was the possibility that we might want to add a larger number of custom user fields than what Exceed provides and the flexiblity by which we might want to globally modify data once it has been entered.

    I am impressed with what Exceed has accomplished in its software, and I think that if the software has the features that you need, it does a very good job of making it as easy as possible for the user to work with their data and accomplish the desired tasks. It is a good sign that those who have selected Exceed for their organizations are very happy with it!
    Jill Ohara Densho Seattle WA
  • Our organization has been using Exceed Basic for a while, and it seems we've just about out grown it. It is an excellent program, there seem to be quite a few steps to get a single donation entered, but I suppose that comes with the territory.

    If you don't need anything fancy, or a great deal of codes, and exceptions to codes, Exceed Basic is great.

    We are considering going to Exceed Premier, but does anyone know of anything better (or on the same level as Premier), for less?
  • we are also having trouble with importing our data. The process keeps crashing. We are a small nonprofit and did not purchase technical support, so I hoped this forum might be able to help us troubleshoot the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  • You can contact me directly and I'll try and diagnose your problem with you on the phone.

    Isaac Shalev - IT strategy, product and vendor selection, integration, and more
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