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upgrading to Windows 7

  • We have a PC that is currently running Windows XP 64 Pro and are going to be upgrading it shortly with new hardware.  We'd like to upgrade to Windows 7 at the same time.  We will be installing a new Hard Drive in addition to a new motherboard and other hardware.  I am unclear from reading the descriptions whether we should request a full installation disc or the upgrade.  The Win XP 64 Pro was purchased and properly registered by me personally but I now use this computer for all foundation business (this is our only computer).  

    Any guidance would be appreciated.  



  • Hello,

    You would want to request the upgrade license- not the Get Genuine full license - as your operating system Windows XP Pro entitles you to the upgrade license on TechSoup. Once the request is processed, you would download the full Windows 7 installation media from the Volume Licensing Servicing Center, which would be available as well for individuals like yourself who needs to do a clean install. "Upgrade" refers to the license, and not the installation media. Let us know if you have further questions.

    Kevin Lo | Senior Program Manager, | a part of TechSoup Global