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Newsletter for non proift animal shelter

Newsletter for non proift animal shelter

  • Hi - 

    I am looking for advice about designing a newsletter for our non-profit animal shelter in New Haven, CT.  We are all volunteers and have limited time so need software that is fairly easy to work with (PC.)  Would approciate your input.

    Thanks- Elaine



  • Hi Elaine -

    Microsoft Publisher works well on the design side - it's easy to use and has good functionality. You can get the software for under $100. There are also email marketing companies like Constant Contact and MailChimp who have a very easy to use newsletter design function. They can be a bit costly, though, depending on how many records you have. 

  • Still doing paper newsletters? Any word processing tool can be used to design a simple paper newsletter - Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or whatever you already have on your computer. You can also use HTML - create web pages to be printed out as your paper newsletter (you can convert them to PDF if you need to send them via email).

    If you are sending this newsletter as an attachment to email, you might want to double check to see if recipients are really opening and reading the newsletter - email-attached newsletters have a low opening rate. Most people prefer reading at least some summary text within the body of the email, without having to click on anything.

    How many newsletters do you print, and how do you distribute them?