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Comments, Questions and Thoughts on Windows 7

Comments, Questions and Thoughts on Windows 7

  • I am having trouble with Windows 7 Enterprise Upgrade with SP1.  We ordered the licenses and the DVDs from TechSoup, and got our disks and keys. Setup will not run from within XP (which we knew), but the DVDs are not bootable.  I have tested the drive on the computer, and it will boot an XP CD, and a retail Windows 7 DVD, so I KNOW that the BIOS settings are correct, and that the machine WILL boot from the optical drive.  I have found on the microsoft technet forum that the DVDs are not bootable, and confirmed by examining the disks with isobuster.  So of what use is the disk?  You can only run it from within Vista, which we don't have.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi 9fccpa,

       The Volume Licensing Service Center also has the ISO file available to download and burn to a disk. At this time Microsoft is only providing upgrade disks so, as far as I know, they won't be able to provide a bootable disk for a clean install through Software Assurance. In case you (or other readers) need more information about downloading from the VLSC or ISO files, please visit our Download Your Software Donations resource page.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • I'm not sure if the upgrade it bootable. Also, sorry but I have to ask, you did convert the .iso to a usable image using a program such a Roxio, etc.? I don't believe you can upgrade from XP to 7. You'll need to do a clean install so you'll want to save your data first.

  • You can download the WAIK from Microsoft and use it to create a bootable flashdrive, then you can copy the contents of the upgrade DVD to the bootable flashdrive. WAIK will also allow you to create an ISO from the flashdrive after you have combined all the parts you need it to have.

    From the ISO you can then burn a final bootable DVD and do the custom install.