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Looking for Free PDF Generator

Looking for Free PDF Generator

  • I've been using the freeware version of PDF reDirect for over a year, and am very happy with it. I do a lot of scanning to PDF, and it allows rotation, color and quality control, and encryption. It  also allows combining mutliple pdfs into one file (any pdf files, they don't have to be created in this program). You can also set it to open the document in Acrobat Reader for review after saving (or not). Like the other freeware PDF writers mentioned here, it works as a virtual printer.

    To answer your question about safe freeware, be picky about your freeware site. Some sites monitor what's on them, others are obviously more sketchy. I look for user reviews, number of times the program has already been downloaded, and links to the site of the freeware creator, as a few indicators of credibility. I also use McAfee SiteAdvisor when googling for freeware, which helps me determine which  hits to explore and which to avoid.

  • Hadn't heard about PDF reDirect.  I will have to check that out.

    As for McAfee Site Advsior, it's the only McAfee product that I've used that's decent.  The one thing I hate about it is that it jacks up the bottom of my bottom Firefox and shoves other important stuff off the screen.  Also, any sort of torrent site is "evil" (which I understand) in its book.

  • On a side note, a great place I like to go for free Windows software is

    Here is a search for the term 'PDF', for example.


  • has some comparison of severall PDF programs.

  • how about dopdf, I use it for everyone who just needs to create general PDF's.


  • I've used PDF creator with good success (I bought it on CD before I realized it was free online..).  I've also used OpenOffice.  However, the more direct path, if you're using Word, Excel, Publisher, etc. 2007 is to get the free addin from the MS website.  One download and install sets it up for all the office suite.


    One thing that I would like to find is one that will convert either a word or excel form to a completable form pdf...i.e. where another user can download it and complete the form in the document and save and/or print the completed form...any ideas?

  • Agreed PRIMO PDF is great... the options offered are excellent for creating many types of PDF you like.  Plus, it automatically converts URL's to clickable ones, and provides many options in the 'free' version.  Nice.

  • You can get PDFs out of any program that prints AND save paper by using GreenPrint (  I read about this at TechSoup in the"10 Resolutions to Green Your Technology" blog.

    I emailed GreenPrint and they told me that non-profits can use the GreenPrint World for free. 

    From their site:

    PDF and Save a Bundle. GreenPrint provides a simple solution to printing to PDF. This preserves the document format including web pages without wasting paper. This PDF writer is also incorporated into the print preview so any document can easily be saved to file (after eliminating wasted pages) rather than being printed. For most users, this will also eliminate the need to buy a separate PDF writer such as Adobe Acrobat which can retail for up to $499.

  • I've been using doPDF as well, and have had no problems. It's quick and painless.

  • Our webmaster recommended CutePDF.  I've been using that along with Adobe.  The thing that I like about Cute is that the files are created almost instantaneously (even with large files) and sometimes Adobe will give me an error message when I'm trying to create a PDF from Word, but Cute does it without the errors.  Even buying the full version to get the extras is a good price - it has been awhile since I downloaded it, but if I remember correctly it was under $50 for the full version.

  • We happily use CutePDF Writer, too.

    Since you asked about converting Word to PDF, you should be aware of this: all of the products (that I've tested) that use a virtual printer to create your PDF will not create true hyperlinks in the PDF when the URL for the hyperlink was hidden in Word. That is, if you link to and your visible text in Word says "Check out our new site at" then everything will work fine. But if your visible text in Word just says "Check out our new site!", then the hyperlink will not appear in the PDF you create.

    On the other hand, the programs that have a "Convert to PDF" macro that installs in Word do handle all your Word hyperlinks correctly. This is true, for example, for Acrobat Standard and CutePDF Pro. Notably, it is also true for the free Convert-To-PDF plug-in for Office 2007 from Microsoft.

  • Bullzip PDF printer is FREEWARE with limitations, which means that it is FREE for personal and commercial use up to 10 users. It does not contain any advertising or popups. It is a very professional program. Works Great.

  • Hi there,

    Nowadays it is possible to convert PDFs via online, you do not need to download software thta could damage your computer.

    I use Primo PDF Converter for free, you just send your file to convert and they sent it back to your e-mail address as a pdf (

    I hope this can help you.


    Carlos Raul


  • primopdf has worked well for us!

  • I too have used CutePDF and found it to be very reliable.  I would like to learn from others how to create forms using a free PDF tool