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Indesign Software - Have you used it?

Indesign Software - Have you used it?

  • First time using this...or any forum for that matter. Thanks in advance!!

    Has anyone had experience using the product InDesign CS 3.0 Win ESD? We have a need to create various types of publications, annual reports, posters and other print media. What level of expertise is required, ease of use?

    My name is Diane and I thank you for any feedback you may have on this.
  • Hi Diane--

    Welcome to TechSoup and I'm glad you decided to take the plunge and post your question!

    I don't have personal experience with InDesign myself (though hopefully some TechSoup community members can weigh in with their experience). However, I know there is this InDesign users group that might be a good resource for finding out more about ease of use/learning curve with InDesign.

    Hope that helps get you started! Look forward to seeing you more around the forums.



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  • Diane,
    I use InDesign for most of my publications. It is fairly easy to use if you have a basic understanding of desktop publishing, even some experience with Microsoft Publisher will help. Basically it allows you to create text boxes anywhere on a page in whatever shape you want, though it is really best to stick to some kind of grid system when working on a publication. You can also place graphics on the page and "wrap" the text around the graphic. You can set up styles so that all your design elements (e.g. newsletter headlines) are the same font, font size, alignment, etc. You can also export the document into PDF format, both in a press quality setting for a Printing Company and a web quality setting for posting on your website. Basically InDesign helps you produce a consistent, high quality publication every time.
    If your organization qualifies for the TechSoup Stock version of InDesign and you have the budget I'd go ahead and get Design Premium. You might not use the other parts right away but having access to Photoshop and Illustrator become more important as you start to really amp up your publications. Photoshop will let you manipulate images from the simple mode change color to grayscale for a Black & White publication to fancy filter effects (make it look like an old dusty scratched sepia tone photo for example). Illustrator is the program used to create vector graphics, most commonly used in creating a logo or other graphic that will be used in a multitude of sizes from the tiny business card to the giant billboard. Design Premium also includes Acrobat which allows you to do all sorts of cool stuff with PDF files like create forms that can be completed and returned via email or even tie into your database.
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