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Lower-Cost Online Integrated Applications

Lower-Cost Online Integrated Applications

  • Does your organization use an integrated online program to manage constituent data, online payments, email blasts, event registrations, or more?

    If so, have you tried one of the following applications -- CitySoft, Democracy in Action, eTapestry, GivenGain, MemberClicks, Network for Good's Donor Management Suite, Wild Apricot, and Z2 Neon -- and did you find its features sufficient for your needs?
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  • Thank you your for this article! We have been looking at MemberClicks and your comfortability in suggesting them helps to move them up our potential vendor ladder. I am confused however by your matrix - care to elaborate on why MemberClicks is minimal/hard for flexibility for custom needs, donor tracking, event management and blast email capabilities? Actually, MemberClicks has the most "Minimal/Hard" ratings out of all those reviewed.
  • We've been using Memberclicks for about 6 months for memberships, event registration, and sales. In general I'm happy with it, particularly our ability to make changes without relying on them. However, I was disappointed in the level of support at set-up. They produced three forms for us but did not work with us to make sure everything was connected to our database correctly. The initial transfer of our database took longer than they said it would. Expect to spend a lot of time getting your database and forms working. I was sending nearly daily emails or phone calls to them for weeks. Now things are working smoothly, however.
  • What matrix are you referring to?
  • I find MemberClicks to be strong at offering an interface for clients to create online forms for a variety of purposes, including events, volunteer sign-up, donations, membership dues, etc. However, overall the integration of this to basic constituent contact information is weaker in many areas. Its difficult to see a record in memberclicks and understand everything they have done with your organization.

    In each of the areas you refer, clients of memberclicks may find the solution does not scale as they need - adding more fields specifically for donations, specifically for events, etc starts to really clutter up the interface, and becomes difficult to see and analyze.

    Despite this, I have used MemberClicks very successfully for organizations - it has and continues to be a strong solution when the fit is right. When looking at this review, the most important consideration is how will the software work for your organization.

    Hope this helps!

    - Eric


    Eric Leland, FivePaths:

  • The matrix at the end of the article.

    Does anyone use Event Register/Active Network? It's expensive, but seems to be much more powerful than the systems listed in this article.
  • The fit may not be right but it's affordable and customizable. Do you know anything about Event Register? Have you used them?
  • We use Z2 System's NEON to manage our constituent data, donations, memberships, email blasts, event registrations, letters, and surveys. NEON ties all of our data back to one page & reporting so we can track exactly what our constituents have done. We are able to create any kind of custom form and fields, and track all types of data. They tied their system directly to our website so we can accept registrations online and offline. We have been very impressed.
  • Dear Mspevechek,

    Which organization are you with?

    How long have you been using NEON and what did you use before?



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