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Downloaded vs. Boxed

  • We just bought 20 licenses of Norton Internet Security, but the download link provided by Techsoup brings us to a screen that says the Publisher cannot be verified and that's where the download stops.  

    I called Techsoup but was directed to Symantec and after bouncing through three phone numbers within their India-based bureaucracy, we reached a tech that was helpful and we've been able to complete the download.  We've burned a disc and are using that, because the on line trail is so conveluted that it would take a masters degree in IT to follow it.

    I realize, from software development experience, that level III support is where companies focus their resources, but I also know that a little level I and II support can contribute significantly to customer satisfaction and repeat business.




  • Weird. I haven't had many problems with download files, but when there is a problem you're stuck. I guess it has to do with all the DRM some companies try to stick in their setup programs.

    I always prefer ISO (disk image) files for larger, more complex applications. It allows instant access and easy backup, but still gives you the security of having disk-based setup (even if you have to burn the disk yourself).

    David Janke

  • I preferr download vs boxed. One, its more quicker, faster and easily accessible. 90% of the time this is all done from your livingroom chair. Boxed is ok too but that requires leaving the house, that means driving, going to the store, dealing with un appreciated sale staff ect ect... No thank you. Download is better. And lets not even start talking about ordering boxed products online, now you are talking wait time and shipping expenses.


  • I have the same problem  & do not speak tech      what did you do?


  • I prefer boxed packages for software that plays an intrigal part in the organiztions.  If there is a major technical problem that requires immediate reinstallation of the software, then it is on hand.  One would not have to be overly concerned if the internet is down or is moving at snail pase.

  • I will take what I can get, but having recently suffered a traumatic computer crash, I would prefer to have the packaged products.I have an old Dreamweaver 8 program, and it crashed along with everything else. I still have my registration key, but the program does not recognize its own key. It is counting down the 30 day temporary "trial" period, and I guess in less than 20 days now, my DW program will be lost forever.That is tragic, because I've got 12 websites up and running and added to and changed, etc with DW that I won't be able to access when the program goes away.I don't know what I'm going to do, because only 4 of those websites are mine - one being my non-profit's - the others are for people who needed a site and I built and maintain it for them for free, because their cause is worthy, in my opinion. I really prefer the disc to an electronic download - if I had the disc of my DW8 program, I could probably just reinstall it, and all my websites would be safe. But that was an Electronic download, and I regret it. I really need this program, and just hope the learning curve isn't too steep.