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What Web-conferencing tools have you used?

What Web-conferencing tools have you used?

  • We have been reviewing products recently and one area I would highlight is the differences in pricing when you get into the details.

    Make sure you are clear on the number of callers, where they are coming from, if you wish to record (and where do you store the recordings), etc. Not every option is included......Caveat emptor as they say. Also; use the trials and run some tests.....

    There are certainly a lot of options. The US Tech Soup has a great synopsis of 15 of the products. I believe it is a Webinar using ReadyTalk.



  • We have used gotomeeting for a while, but now switched to Webtrain. We get better pricing and a lot more features for our web conferencing dollars.

  • For those of you interested, Techsoup has some good resources if you want to learn more about Web conferencing tools.  Here are a few of these in particular:

    Myself, I've taken part in a few webinars here on TechSoup.  They use ReadyTalk and I find it to be a pretty good platform.





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  • Another tool/ option to consider is the appliance approach to conferencing. It's different because its not hosted online, you actually own the hardware so there are no monthly fees and what not. It also seems to be more secure. I did some research and the one i found the seems to be the most bang for your buck is a 4-in-1 appliance the has conferencing, webinars, remote support, and remote access. Seems to be a competitor of Webex, since they cover all 4 areas as well.

    Here's there site:

  • The spreadsheet looks like it's from 2006, which is when the article was written. Too many changes, and too many new products on the market for it to still be useful. I would absolutely love a good chart - we've tried a couple of platforms, but really doing the research takes time, and it's not always obvious what you are really getting for your money.



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  • We have been looking at a lot of these, but they all seem to fall short on the video conferencing.   We are looking to have possibly up to 20 participants who want to broadcast video simultaneously. Not as concerned about the audio, will probably use a separate audio-conferencing tool in conjunction unless everyone wants to invest in a headset

    Adobe seems to accomodate large amount of cams, as well as (part of Paltalk). I think some of these get really expensive when the minutes add up or the monthly subscriptions are a bit much.

    StreamAPI is something I will be looking at, where you can build your own custom cam pages. I think it comes to like .45 per Gigabyte of data streamed. will report back on that one...

    Thinking of possible hardware solutions, esp for groups of people (Webcams can really only broadcast 1-2 people well), but those solutions get upwards of the "thousands of dollars" per site I think

    Not even going to mention telepresence or ISDN :)


  • Thanks for reading and for your feedback. I think the video part definitely is the "holy grail" for web conferencing. My only experience with video is via Webex but haven't seen more three simultaneous feeds. I sort of think that there is a healthy ecosystem of services available for individual needs, which explains the coexistence still of so many players in the field. For NPOs especially they have a lot of relatively affordable options. Do let us know how StreamAPI works out for you.


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  • 2 of your 3 links are broken. One year causes a lot of web links to break eh...
    "getting to know online conferencing tools...."
    "A few good online....."


    also, I've seen no mention of the cross platform tool Elluminate, why leave that out?


  • Hi Wally,

    The archived conference links do expire unfortunately, but for Idealware here's the new link:

    We've haven't had any experience with Elluminate, but it certainly looks interesting especially with the management changes and educational focus. It seems to me that there are a handful of big players with high-end functionality and features like Cisco Telepresence or Adobe Connect and a lot of other players on the bottom with a mish-mash of features. At the same time, it feels that sort of consolidation is probably going to be the exception at least in the short term. The lack of standards and sufficient bandwidth for adoption, throw in mobile device implementation (iPad, phones) and you get a fragmented state for the low end of the spectrum.


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  • Dimdim is no longer available... You may try RHUB's TurboMeeting which is a low cost and web conferencing and remote support appliance that is extremely solid. ( )

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  • There is an website which  offer several web conferencing service options and packages for business professionals, SMB, and Enterprise with fully integrated audio conferencing and video conferencing solution, Powered by some of the leading providers PGi, InterCall, WebEx and Microsoft Live Meeting Solution.

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  • Greetings,

    Consider updating this assessment to include Google+ Hangout please. 


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  • Edwin, do you use Google Hangouts with nonprofits or volunteers? How is it working out for you? What do you like about it? Or not like about it?