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Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

  • Great article about an important issue. The value of assessing outcome seems to have circulation in the human service world - but an associate of mine recently nudged me into thinking that all non-profits need to be thinking about outcome measures for all their activities. For example, what measurable outcomes might there be from your annual meeting and how might you these outcomes? What are the measurable outcomes you expect from your newsletter and how can you determine how well you are doing? And not just to present to grant-givers: her arguement is that when it comes time to get that individual renewal or annual donation, its invaluable to show you really accomplished something.
    Michael Stein President, Members Only Software, Inc (Washington, DC)
  • Hello. I am the ad hoc geek at Interplast ( and I record stats with a program called Awstats. What I would like to do is be able to analyze these stats, and recognize trends. Do you know of any program that can automatically do this for me?

    Also, we have blogs ( that we run on Typepad. It monitors hits and which site directed people to us, but the info dies after about 20 hits, and there is no way to see what terms people are finding us with on the search engines without manually clicking on each link. Is there a plugin I can use so it spits the info into a spreadsheet program like Excel?
  • My recommendation would be servicepoint.
  • Hi! I'm Lori Reeves......Track Records Software is a web-based Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Database that was created by and for an assistive technology center. Some of its many capabilities include case note entry, time and attendance tracking, scheduling, reporting, and internal communication. It has been used by The STAR Center for over 6 years. Visit the website at to view short tours about the main features of the software. Track Records Software will allow the direct service providers in your organization to spend more time with their clients because they'll be spending less time on the necessary documentation of services. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the software or for a free, online demonstration at
  • We are in the middle of the second software overhaul of our Homeless Management Information System, and have found that there is constant pressure to provide multiple functions intigrated into the system that are either redundant or useless.

    Outcomes measurement has a well established, fairly consistent, methodology by now. A database that corresponds to the outcome measurement logic model can effectively track success.

    If the interface is simple in its implimentation, and the outcomes are well designed, meaningful data can be utilized to improve services.
    -------------------------- Paul Hebblethwaite --------------------------
  • We are an organization in Dallas, TX that has several components - GED, employment training and employment services, micro-businesses in a low-income community.  We need to begin client management and outcomes tracking with a web-based tool since we have staff in multiple locations.  Most of the staff that would use the tool is proficient in computer/software usage.  Any recommendations?

  • We are a NC nonprofit and need the same type of program as Ifechner does... any suggestions?

  • Did you guys ever get more suggestions?

  • "Sledet", any other suggestions would get posted here, or elsewhere in our forum. But it's fine to open up the discussion again, as you have now done, and to explore what's changed since this thread started in 2005, and solicit more responses.

    First up: I've updated the URL for the TechSoup Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases that started this discussion back in 2005. Re-reading the article, it seems to still be QUITE relevant - before reviewing software, this article helps you think about your needs regarding outcome / impact tracking.

    The article links to a Sample Functionality Scorecard (25 KB XLS) . I haven't read it yet - have a look (you or ANYONE out there!) and let us know, via this forum or contacting me directly, re: your thoughts about whether or not you feel it's still helpful, and how it can be improved.

    Any of you out there, let's revisit the questions that got this thread started:

    • How do you go about quantifying the impact your services have had on your community?
    • Do you use a database?
    • Do you have tips for implementing or updating a system?
    • Please also note a bit about your organization - a humane society, for instance, will have very different needs and systems for tracking outcomes than, say, a nonprofit theatre company.

    Doing a search on this subject, on google, using this as my search:

    client management outcome measurement software

    I found these additional resources:

    Non-profit Outcomes Software, from CTK (Community TechKnowledge)
    Anyone use this for outcome measurement?

    There is a report from the United Way of America, November 2004, that lists a long list of products for tracking outcome information Outcome Measurement Data Management Systems for ... - United Way (PDF). Would anyone like to go through this list and see how many of these packages still exist? Five of the products are software (Client Management System, Client Tracker, Outcome Results System, Tailored Outcome-Based Evaluation, TARGETTrac) and four are web-based systems (CAREeval, Online Data Manager, Outcome Toolkit, Tapestry).

    Non Profit Outcomes Assessment Software by Social Solutions - anyone out there using this?

    There's also nFocus Solutions, another outcome measurement software for nonprofits. Anyone use this? What kinds of information do you track?

    There's lots more I found in that google search - have a look! And please feel free to share your own experiences using software / apps to track data to measure outcomes.

    Also, it's worth noting that this subject has come up every year since the TechSoup forum launched! There is a thread from 2004 with a LOT of recommendations. Here's links to the discussion that started in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2011. There's also this thread from 2004 & 2005, though this is more about outcome measurement, as a concept, rather than software.

  • For food pantries and related emergency services agencies, see this link on my web site:






    Free case management software for food pantries/emergency services 501(c)(3) organizations. See:

  • Oops.  Just found out the links displayed on my web page no longer work.  I will try to fix them and/or find their prior content.(Wayback machine!)



    Free case management software for food pantries/emergency services 501(c)(3) organizations. See: