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Mailshell anti-spam gateway new installation not working

Mailshell anti-spam gateway new installation not working

  • Hi,
    I just installed Mailshell antispam on our Windows 2000 Small Business server running Exchange. I changed the port number of Exchange to 26 while the Mailshell port number is 25. Started the Mailshell service and restarted Exchange SMTP.

    Then I send an email from an external account just as a test, but it doesn't come through. When I disable Mailshell, and change the Exchange port back to 25, emails come through without a problem.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • I know this is no help, but the same thing happened to me...I still haven't been able to figure it out!
  • lisamac, thanks for posting all the same. There's some relief in knowing that I'm not all alone. Let's hope someone can find a solution for us.
  • Hi hoisite and lisamac,

    Sorry to hear that you both are having trouble with the Mailshell Gateway installation. I highly recommend that you contact our Customer Support department at 800-659-3579 x700 between 8a-5p Pacific time M-F and ask to speak to our Mailshell support specialist. For the little I know about Mailshell Gateway, the installation can be tricky and users are likely to run into trouble. Our support specialist would be able to troubleshoot with you, and bring in our tech team if necessary.

    Perhaps one of you can call and then post your findings on the forum to share with all.

  • You may want to stop and start the SMTP gateway after you change the port number. Stop the gateway service, stop the SMTP gateway, restart it and then start Mailshell again.
  • Rockn, Thanks for your suggestion. I did try that but still didn't work.

    Clement, I had called the Techsoup Customer Support but was directed to this forum. After your post, I called again and was told that Techsoup does not provide technical support for Mailshell Gateway. I was told that someone from Mailshell would eventually read this thread and get to me. I do not understand especially since the product order information explicitly states that "All support for this Mailshell Anti-Spam product will be provided by TechSoup Stock, not Mailshell". Please help me to clarify this. If Mailshell is providing support, could you please provide me with an estimated wait time? Thanks for your assistance.
  • Is there a firewall or any other software running on the server that may be blocking port 26 locally? If port 25 is open on your router or firewall it should work without a hitch. And you did absolutely change the SMTP virtual server port number? Wish I could take a look at it for you.
  • Rockn,
    You're absolutely right. I'm sure that's the problem. We do have a firewall and it's likely port 26 is blocked. I'll look into this and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  • hoisite,

    I'm sorry to hear that you were mis-informed by one of our CSRs about TechSoup's support for Mailshell. We do indeed provide technical support for this product. Rockn's suggestion sounds like a promising solution. I will give you a call and give you my contact information in case that solution does not work for you.

    Simon Fillat
    Customer Service Representative
    Techsoup Stock