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  • We use horde for our shared calendars.  It is free but you have to spend the time to install and understand it.  It has webmail, contacts, tasks, and shared calendars with resource booking.  The developers just added resource booking which was one option we needed.  The most recent version is much easier to install and update.  Seems to work well on our debian server.

  • "We use horde for our shared calendars." Hi, Hillie. Since you don't have your TechSoup profile filled out, it's not clear who you mean by "we." Are you a nonprofit organizations or NGO? Or a group of volunteers? Or a business? Knowing more about what kind of organization you represent and how you use the software helps nonprofits here know if the software would be right for them.

    Here's advice for you (and everyone!) on how to fill out your TechSoup online profile:

  • We = registered charity in Canada with about 30 employees.

  • Google Calendar does look like it will do the job, however, when I try to embed it in my organization's member only website, it only displays the sign-up page and not the calendar. In further reading the instructions, it appears that it can only be embedded in a Google Blog. Has anyone else had luck with putting it on a private website? 

    thanks in advancefor any recommendations.  Melanie

  • I have a Google calendar embedded in my web site (NOT a Google Blog)

  • We used Keepandshare calendar embedded in our web site but they changed so you have to pay a premium to have other calendars automatically updated (like my personal calendar). Google Calendar will do this but the calendar text size, font, and word wrap cannot be changed which is very important since we serve the visually impaired. Any other calendar options?

  • Hi Jayne, 

    How did you get your calendar online for all viewers? I cannot get my Google calendar online without all the events given as 'not available'. I want to share my calendar with the 'whole world' (without need for being logged in).  I tried all possible settings....

  • You can share a Google calendar one of two ways.

    The first way is so that people can see it, but not edit it. Here's an example (my calendar for anyone to see)

    When you are viewing your calendar on

    If you look on the left side of your calendar, you will see all of your Google calendars (I have a public calendar, a private calendar just for certain people to be able to see and edit, and calendars for various organizations I volunteer with). If you hover your cursor over a calendar name on the left hand side, you will see a button appear that creates a pull down menu - and one of the options shown is "calendar settings". Then you come to a "details" page, and click on "Share this calendar." And from there, you should be able to figure it out.

    Hope that helps - I'm no IT person, and I don't have an IT department - it's just me trying to figure this out as I go along!

  • I used to use to share my calendar online so colleagues and clients could book appointments.  Unfortunately, Tungle is shutting down so I've been looking for another system.  So far ScheduleOnce looks best  (I blogged about my quest here).  People can't see the details of my calendar, just the available times, so I don't have to worry about keeping private appointments in a separate calendar.  The system lets them select times and notifies me of appointment requests. I can determine things like when I'm available (e.g., 9 - 5 weekdays minus lunch) and how long meetings should be (e.g., 30 minute blocks, 60 minutes, etc). 

    Some details: ScheduleOnce is syncing with my Google calendar.  I sync that with my desktop Outlook calendar (not Exchange) using the free Google Calendar Sync tool.  I'm only syncing my own calendar, not an entire office's.  The sync between Google and ScheduleOnce is almost instantaneous.  The sync between Google and Outlook isn't -- the desktop sync tool runs on a schedule that you determine (e.g., every 10 minutes, every hour, every day).  If you don't use Outlook's calendar you can skip those steps.



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  • Thanks, Jayne and Robert!

    TechSoup Canada is also talking about Calendaring / Scheduling solutions on its Facebook page.

    Some of the suggestions there:

    • Raiser's Edge
    • Office 365
    • WordPress plugins
    • SmartSheet
    • MIDAS

    Read more about specific suggestions on the TS Canada Facebook page.

    I, myself, am interested in knowing some options for community calendars. What I'd like is a free or low-cost calendar that I can embed on our website here that allows community members to submit their own events. We have been using Upcoming, but it's sort of clunky and not so easy on the eyes. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Hi Roballen, 

    I work for Appointment-Plus and we provide online scheduling software for small and large organizations-we have over 8,000 clients. If you are interested in a 15 day trial, visit our website: online scheduling software

    If you have any questions send me a message!


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