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Inexpensive Non-Profit Donor Software

Inexpensive Non-Profit Donor Software

  • As a database administrator with over 10 years experience, the one program I have carried to other places of employement is the FundRaiser Basic program. It is the most userfriendly program I have seen, and can be upgraded to a higher level at any time with the purchase price going towards the next level. For $89 you really can't beat what all it does, and the customer service people are extremely friendly and willing to help in any way (they even downloaded by entire 4000+ database to find a problem in a single entry!). I highly recommend for any user!
  • Hi Smiley, Take a look at


    Yeah, it's web-based and may be too expensive for most non-profits. But thanks.

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  • My organization uses Giftworks, which has worked out great. My suggestion would be to stay away from over-complicated programs like eTapestry, which has a manual you could spend a lifetime with, is costly (don't believe their claim that it's free to smaller orgs) and time-consuming to use.

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    What organization are you with?  And where did you use eTapestry? 

    I believe that eTapestry is free if you have 1 user account, fewer than 500 records, and don't add on any extras.  But it would definitely be wrong to say that it's "free for small orgs" since many small orgs have more than 500 donor records and/or more that 1 user.



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  • I like Track-A-Donor as a donation tracker, because printing contribution receipts is so easy.  If you want to see their examples, go to [link removed by moderator].  Hope that helps!

  • Sounds great, "Lianadclark." What organization are you with? It would help to know the kind of work your nonprofit does, so people could get an idea of the kinds of donors you track.

  • Oops, I just saw Megan Keane's post about this thread being closed.  Sorry.

    In answer to your question, the church I attended when I lived in VT last year (New Hope Bible) uses Track-A-Donor for its donation management.  It's a small church with two branches meeting in separate locations.  So the online collaboration element works well for them.

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