If you answer or ask a question on the TechSoup Community forum, and someone clicks on your user name, what will that person see? It shouldn't be a blank screen!!

Filling out your TechSoup Community Forum profile is very important in helping to create trust and credibility on the TechSoup community.

To fill out your profile, go to My Account (which is always at the very top of your screen no matter where you are on the TechSoup web site) and then click on My Forum Profile.

What to write in your profile?

  • You could put in your full name. Or not. Some volunteers and nonprofit or agency employees or consultants like to stay anonymous. If you don't want to say your real name, at least say where you are in the world (city, state/country). HOWEVER, if you are a vendor - if you are a business or individual that is selling services or software, you need to say your full name, the name of your business, and your affiliation with such (owner, sales staff, affiliate marketer, etc.).
  • You could put in the name of any nonprofit organizations, NGOs, libraries, public sector organizations, or other mission-based organizations that you work with as a volunteer or staff member, with a link to the web sites of those nonprofits. If you want to keep those associations anonymous, then just note where the organizations you work with are (city, state/country).
  • You could say a little something about why you care about nonprofits' use of computer, Internet and networking technology, or a bit about what you do as a staff member or volunteer regarding tech use at such an organization. 
  • You could say what software, hardware and other tech tools you use the most, or the tools you feel you could advise others on. 
  • You could say why you joined the TechSoup community forum. Why are you here? 

VENDORS: If you are affiliated with a for-profit company that sells tech products to nonprofits, NGOs, libraries and other mission-based organizations, and you will, at any time, recommend that product in the TechSoup forum, you absolutely must note this affiliation in your tech profile (are you an employee? are you an affiliate seller?) with the full name and location of the company. Also, make sure you have reviewed Rules & Standards, particularly item #3 regarding advertising. Failure to fill out your online profile may result in ALL of your posts being deleted and your being banned. If you want to recommend your product in response to a thread, you must fully disclose in your message that you are a seller, rather than a user, and ALSO, please be a true member of our community and answer some questions or offer advice on other threads that have nothing to do with your product. Here are more than a dozen ideas on ways you can participate in our forum as posting only about your product is a violation of our community standards.

You see the profiles of our volunteer community forum moderators as examples of what to write: