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Is this for real?!

  • We are new to the group/service, and are still trying to understand exactly what this is!

    We are the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are a non-profit, charitable organization whose goal is to 'Honor the Past and Inspire the Future'.

    We have a 20,000 sq/ft museum with interactive games for kids and adults. We have a shoestring budget and aging computer system.

    When we heard there was a way to purchase software for thousands of dollars less than regular price we were quite skeptical to say the least! Our graphic designer was excited that he could use Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver and InDesign, and put Photoshop Elements and Publisher to pasture!

    Please visit our website , and if you are in the Vancouver area, please pay us a visit!

    Thank you!
  • Welcome to TechSoup!

    Yes it's true--we have a software donation program where qualified nonprofits can get discounted software through us via our partner programs. You can see more information and eligibility guidelines here.

    However, we also have a lot of other resources at TechSoup, from articles in our Learning Center to GreenIT. You've found the forums, which are a great place to ask any tech-related questions you might have, so please ask away!



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