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  • My name is jade carrel ( and I work for a small non profit in Massachusetts.  Due to new theft identity laws, I am looking to encrypt data on four laptops and on a couple of flash drives.  My boss is worried that a free download may come virus laden.  Can any of you comment on your experience with these downloads?

    I note that the techsoup website offers this download so am I right in assuming that this means this would be a safe download?

    Thanks for all your help.


  • Hi Jade and welcome to TechSoup! I completely understand being rightfully wary of installing free downloads on any machine. TechSoup vets all free downloads that are posted to the site to ensure these are safe for download and appropriate for nonprofits to use for their organization. We invite users to rate their experience with these tools to help guide others and determine what resources are worthwhile to list.



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  • Hi Jade,

    Thank you for your interest and I think encrypting data on portable devices is a great idea. If you download a free download from a reputable site like or, they are less likely to come with virus or spyware, especially if the files are hosted on their sites. We don't host our free downloads here, and we link out to the actual publisher's site. They are carefully selected however, and we take every effort to ensure that the files are safe and updated. Regardless, all computers should be installed with security software to be protected from all attack vectors - means by with security threats can affect your system.

    As for Truecrypt, I use it at home and have had good experience with it in terms of ease of use and user-friendliness. I have not tried full disk encryption, where even the operating system is encrypted, but if you have say health data that's the level of encryption you should be looking at. As for portable drives, it's quite easy and convenient. If you have Truecrypt loaded on multiple machines a truecrypt encrypted drive can be read on multiple machines, provided you have the passphrase of course.



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