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What companies donate to churches/religious organizations

What companies donate to churches/religious organizations

  • I think that I have been mislead into thinking our church could receive items here? I have gone through the checkout 2 times and been turned down by the donating companies (Cisco and Symantec).

    Is there a way to determine what products are available to my organization through a search instead of going through the checkout process?

  • Does your church do community work through a separate sec? Where is your church located?

    Like a foodbank?
    Donate clothes?
    Provide a public learning center?

    Public - keyword
    separate - keyword

    Robert Dukes - Microsoft Software Advisor, Microsoft & Cisco Partner.
  • My church does many community activities, such as a computer learning lab and food pantry. But I assume that you mean do we have another organization with a separate EIN that does this type of work. Is that correct?

    I will have to check with Business Manager to see how these organizations are organized.


    BTW - we are in Atlanta, GA
  • John,

    What happened is, that currently religious organizations and churches are not eligible for some of the donated software on our website, including those from Microsoft. However, if the software is going to be used in secular community service programs that are attached to the churches, are open to the public do not mandate any religious requirements for participation, they are exempted from that restriction. For more information, take a look at the list of exempt organizations listed on our website on Microsoft products:

    List of Exempted Organization for Microsoft Donation Program

    I'll email you offline to seek some clarification on the programs and services you provide to further determine the eligibility of your church.