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Moving to the Cloud: Email, File Sharing, Etc.

Moving to the Cloud: Email, File Sharing, Etc.

  • Hi,

    Our server has hit it maximum capacity and we would like to transition our email (Outlook) files (Word, Excel, PP) to the cloud, as well as back up and all other IT functions.  We already have cloud based CRM system.  What vendors should I ask to bid?  How should I approach this?  We are a small non-profit without inhouse IT service.  Thanks for any help and/or suggestions.

  • TechSoup *just* released survey results regarding use by NGOs of the cloud:

    Have a look at the report of the survey results - they might be helpful to you.

  • Keep in mind the position of the DOJ position in the Megaupload case.

    "To date, Mr. Goodwin has failed to make such a showing – he has not shown that he has a cognizable, legal interest in property seized by the government, nor has he shown a deprivation of a property interest based on any government seizure"

    But this content WAS his own and uploaded.   The aborted Leahy bill  to allow for warrentless obtaining of content was also a reflection of this new idea:


    Given what you have may be subject to certain privacy issues - you may wish to examine what is the effect of what you place 'in the cloud' being released beyond the walls of your orginization.

  • Certainly there is some information that is not appropriate for storage in the cloud, but for many applications it is a compelling choice. Is the data you intend to store subject to things like HIPPA compliance? If so I would urge you to brush up on your privacy laws to see if your intended usage is appropriate. Only you and your team can determine if the cloud is right, as it is for many other NPOs.

    Tim Claremont
    Systems Administrator
    Rochester, NY

  • My agency is considering the same thing.  We're looking for a hosting facility to host a cloud-based Windows server that would act as a file server for about 25 workstations, an Exchange Server for about 40 accounts, and an application server for a couple small applications.  We are also a small nonprofit without in-house IT.

  • Hi there,

    We have a free webinar this week that might be helpful for you as you consider moving to the cloud. Here's the brief description, more information is available on the registration page. Hope to see you there!

    Assessing the Cloud for Nonprofits and Libraries
    December 6, 2012 11 a.m. Pacific time
    Registration link: 
    In this TechSoup webinar, Sam Chenkin from npCloud will join us to share his tips, best practices, and advice on how to assess whether to move and what to move to the cloud at your organization, including the assessment service provided by the npCloud donation program. He'll be joined by Stephanie Borton, Associate Director of Art-Reach, which has gone through the cloud assessment process with npCloud, and successfully moved their organization's systems to Microsoft's Office 365.