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Selecting and Managing IT Vendors

Selecting and Managing IT Vendors

  • TechSoup recently posted the article Selecting and Managing IT Vendors, which offers tips and resources for the various steps of the vendor-selection and management process.

    Looking for a vendor, or have advice for NPOs searching for one? Share your questions and feedback here.
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  • Hi,

    I run Samasource, nonprofit organization that helps IT outsourcing companies in Africa and rural Asia find US clients to promote knowledge job creation in some of the poorest parts of the world.

    We have a network of very talented vendors -- the best of the best, we think -- and would like to find nonprofit clients that share our mission. We'd love to talk to any NPO seeking a vendor to find out exactly what they look for in an outsourced partner, so that we can build our network with the right core principles.

    For more information, please email leila (at) samasource (dot) org, or check out

  • Hi Leila--

    Welcome to TechSoup! Thanks for letting us know about your organization and your services. Sounds like you have some great expertise to offer, so I hope we'll see more of you around the forums. Please also have a look at our Community Rules & Standards.



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