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Planning to virtualize your office?

Planning to virtualize your office?

  • We're looking at the variety of ways to lower costs and go greener for nonprofits and libraries, so virtualization has been an ever-growing topic in this arena. Have you virtualized your office? Have you done server or desktop virtualization? Used thin-clients or even zero-clients?

    We'll be posting the follow up piece to our original Virtualization 101 next week, this time focusing on multi-seat virtualization. Keep an eye on this thread for the article once it goes live. And in the meantime, share your experiences with going virtual!



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  • I have begun testing Virtual Desktop per forum discussion with Shipley, last summer.

    The first has been a Win7 running XP Mode to take care of legacy programs.  That is working quite well on a test box with a Dual Core processor.

    My next test will be virtual server enviornment, something we need to control costs.

    I am not able to find tips on Virtual Desktop for issues like utilizing programs like Adobe Acrobat or printers from the VP enviornment.

    EG: using a NT legacy program from Dpt of Defense and trying to get to my 64 bit environment for Adobe.  Not found anything to help so far.