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How often do you replace or upgrade the tech in your office? Do you have a plan?

How often do you replace or upgrade the tech in your office? Do you have a plan?

  • How regularly do you plan to replace or upgrade PCs, laptops, PDAs, network components, and servers? Do you have a plan? Do you replace everyone's computers at the same time? Or upgrade everyone to the latest version of software at the same time? Or do you do it in phases?

    Share your best practices and tips for upgrading and replacing tech to keep your office running smoothly.

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  • We try to replace computers in cycles for our users.  Each year, our goal is to replace 1/4 of our computers.  The power users usually get updated a year earlier in the cycle to keep them humming along.  (I just got a new quad core computer and i'm loving it.)  Servers are a bit different as sometimes it isn't feasible to replace them as easily as a user's computer.  We try to cycle out our terminal servers every 5 years by slowly migrating users.  This year is a bit different since we have received a nice health care technology grant from the government stimulus funds.  We have been able to replace most of our equipment which is very time consuming!  Printers, we don't really have a planned replacement strategy.  When they start breaking down to the point of not being able to pinpoint the troubles, we replace them. 

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