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Nonprofits Live: Accessible and Assistive Technology

  • On Wednesday, September 14 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, join TechSoup for another dynamic Nonprofits Live (#NPLive) interactive event. This time, we'll be talking about Accessible & Assistive Technology  — from how to meet accessibility standards to the best assistive technology resources to how to lay the foundation for a culture of accessibility.

    Read more on our blog to learn all about the experts who will be sharing their experience and answering your questions in this online event.

    This forum thread is for continuing the discussion, sharing resources, and getting responses to any of your questions left unanswered during the event.

    Please also feel free to share any feedback about the event here! We'd love to hear from you about what you loved or what needs improvement, and what topics you'd like to see us cover in the future.

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    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Thanks for flagging this up Michael. The webinars ( are a great learning resource even when you can not hear them live, Educationalists talk about people having a preferred learning style and the webinars are a really useful tool for those who are not comfortable with a lot of reading or spending the time to research a topic on the net.

    Peter Cheer
    Information Management Officer Pakistan Humanitarian Forum

    web site

  • Thanks for pointing that out, Peter.

    The webinars in general — and these Nonprofits Live events in particular — are definitely a learning process for us with respect to accessibility.

    While the topic of this specific event is accessibility and assistive technology, we know that there is a somewhat bitter irony in the fact that the online seminar itself is not fully accessible, i.e. closed captioned and screen-reader compatible.

    The conversations we have had with members of the community have been very helpful, and we are presenting their feedback to the product and tech team at Watchitoo.

    It seems that webinar tools in general have some catching up to do in terms of accessibility features. This article talks about workarounds that anyone producing such an event can consider.

    All that said, I think your point is important, Peter. Accessibility and ability can mean a lot of things, and varied learning styles are part of that spectrum. 

    I hope you are able to participate in Wednesday's event! We are excited to have added Sharron Rush of Knowbility to the mix!


    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager