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Evaluation Forms - What are people using to tabulate results?

Evaluation Forms - What are people using to tabulate results?

  • I am looking for some information on some available online software or package that would help me manage the results from our workshops and training courses through evaluation forms. Currently, when someone attends a workshop, at the end of the course they are asked to fill out an evaluation form (paper version), we then take all of those forms and then input them into an Access database, to tabulate and get a report back summarizing the feedback. 6 weeks after to course, we send the attendees an online survey via SurveyMonkey to get feedback, on weather or not the information proved to be effective in their learnings, etc.

    Here is the issue, the Access database is corupt, and I don't have a lot of knowledge about Access or the patience either to fix the problem. I did take a course, but can seem to get it right. SurveyMonkey, is great for the second part. I am getting behind on the evaluation forms, and need some help.

    I am hoping to find a software package, or online tool that we could input the results of those workshops into, and get some reports. Or if there is a different manner to do evaluations of workshops, via text messaging, or any other methond. Anyone have any ideas.


  • Excel would work if you need something fast and (relatively) straightforward. You can use Excel's built-in statistical formulas such as CountIf() and AverageA() to compile results.

    I'm not sure how well this method would work in the long-term. Just a thought.

    David Janke

  • You might also want to check out this article that covers different online survey tools that might help as well.



    Megan Keane

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  • If you already have a subscription to Survey Monkey, why don't you just create the evaluation for your workshops there.  Then you can input the data in Survey Monkey and use their tools to analyze your data?


  • Interesting idea.  I saw on SurveyMonkey that you can enter evaluations manually yourself.  If you have to do that into Access anyway, you might as well enter it into SurveyMonkey.

    Are there concerns about having so much data in a external storage space?  How does SurveyMonkey do backup?