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Eastmont Computing Center Video and Case Study

  • TechSoup recently visited the Eastmont Computing Center (ECC), which works to bring computers, the Internet, and a sense of community to residents of Oakland, California.

    Our resulting video and case study offer a glimpse into a successful technology center that is helping students of all ages to connect to one another — and to bridge the digital divide.

    Know of another CTC whose good work you'd like to promote? Tell us about it here.
    senior editor, TechSoup
  • What can I say? Wow! I really found the article entertaining and informative.

    I like the idea that computing center's are getting seniors out of the house, because many of them would be sitting with not much more to do than watch television and here they are being productive in different ways. Our seniors are walking, talking history a great resource and if they have access to technology I can't wait to see the stories that will come out of this.

    Great film, great subject, just keep up the great good works.

  • No volunteer involvement? There's nothing in the article nor on the web site about volunteers. Are all of the people helping the patrons of ECC paid staff? I find that hard to believe....

  • That's a good question. We heard from Alonzo Young that he invites guests to the Computing Clubhouse, to teach the youths about music production and other applications. He also has youth mentors who coach the other participants.
  • I liked the article, I only wish we had a program like that herein Orange County. I'm African-American and my husband is an IT Manager so even me who is a non techie has had computers, internet for ages, my son now 27, is graduating this year from UConn and going for his JD
    But we are the exceptions, I'm a community activist also and we live in a totally polarized area tech wise.
    We have Irvine, Coto D'Caza, Laguna that everybody thinks is the REAL OC and the we have graffitti covered buildings in parts North and Central OC with no Wifi, out of date computers, kids whose only access to any computers is a main library with less than 10 machines . By the way I'm over 50 and have more to do that sit and veg...