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Free guide to funding your ICT available on TechSoup

  • TechSoup has republished ICT Hub's excellent How to Cost and Fund an ICT, which walks you through the steps of identifying and budget for total cost of ownership of information and communications technology at your nonprofit.

    Share your feedback on the guide or your own tips for costing and funding ICT.
    senior editor, TechSoup
  • It's great to see this guide republished for an American audience! BTW, I was co-author!

    Beth Kanter
  • What does ICT stand for? I don't see the acronym explained anywhere on this page or on the ICT website.
  • Hi,

    It stands for Information and Communication Technology.

    Best wishes,

    Sasha Daucus
    Volunteer TechSoup Moderator

  • This looks to be an incredible resource. Does anyone know of anything similar for US domestic funders?

  • much of what is in the guide is applicable to us nonprofits. What changed was the pound sign instead of the dollar sign and spelling organization with an "s" - and examples are UK. I did the interviews/research and much of we uncovered is applicable.

    With that said, I'm researching right now for workshop for US nptech on some of the evaluation methods similar to the guide.
  • Thanks. I'll look forward to your new research.

    Our work is completely domestic, so funders from the UK normally aren't interested.