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Technology programs started by teens?

  • Teens Work to End Digital Divide in Jamaican Schools describes how a group of students are helping to bring computer labs to the island's schools.

    Know of technology programs started by teens? Tell us about them here.
    senior editor, TechSoup
  • It takes a caring heart like that of the young boy on vacation to see a need and decide to meet it.
    The developing world needs more of such people.
    Gaps of love foundation
  • Not quite started by teens, but the Sahana Open Source Disaster Management System born of the Asian Tsunami is another innitiative predominantly driven by young university students (teens and early 20's) - 'Oldies' like me in the team are mostly acting in a mentoring role for domain aspects of the project - It is fantastic to see young people encouraged to contribute to volunteer innitiatives!!

    Cheers, Don
  • Absolutely Eustace. Anders is a very inspiring guy to meet.
    Brian Satterfield Staff Writer