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Setting up a netgear WGR614 v.6

Setting up a netgear WGR614 v.6

  • I am having a terrible time setting up a netgear wireless WGR614 v.6.
    My scenario is this: internet, router, 4 port hub (netgear FS 105), WAP. I am wanting to run the WAP with no security and not have it inside my network.

    I've currently got these settings:
    Basic-I've given it an unused outside IP in my range
    subnet mask, gateway IP is the outside IP of my router.
    Wan setup-connect automatically
    LAN IP setup- IP, subnet mask, use router as DHCP server starting, ending

    The problem is that when I use these settings, the WAP gives out proper IP addresses of the 192.168.1.X range, but is wanting a gateway of which does not exist so it can't get to the internet.

    I have tried this inside my network using this scenario: internet, router, firewall, switch (netgear fast switch FS750T2), then WAP and it goes to the internet just fine, using a gateway, but it hands out IP's from my 192.168.0.X range which I don't want to do.

    Could anyone offer any help? I don't have any option of setting a gateway anywhere other than this first screen (basic settings). I'm at my wit's end.

    Thank you all for any help you might offer.
    Karen Davis
  • Hello Karen,

    You have 2 choices. One is to turn on routing as this Netgear does support the RIP routing protocol and the other is to go with the configuration you say you don't want and put it on the same space as your LAN (192.168.0.x)
    Either way I wouldn't set up your wireless network up without reasonably securing it with MAC filtering, change the administrative password to the web interface, if possible shut off DHCP use reservations or use static IP's, etc. WPA2 and 802.1x would be optimal. All the gory details are in the link above.

    WGR614v6 - Support Docs
  • Thank you for your response, my next question is I have a choice for RIP direction - none, both, in only, out only. I'm guessing I should do both. Would this configuration work with the scenario of being outside my firewall?

    I did take notice of ports on the back of my router. I've got one called ethernet 10/100 0 and one called aux. If I need to use this setup of going straight to the main router, which port do I want?

    I have zero experience with router config and none with RIP.
    Thank you again for assisting.