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QuickBooks Made Easy: Beyond The Essentials

  • Techsoup offers Quickbooks Made Easy: the Essentials for nonprofits

    The publisher also makes Beyond the Essentials for nonprofits. It covers how to handle more advanced entries such as in-kind donations etc. It costs about $230 on their website. Can techsoup get a donation or discount from them?

  • Excellent Question!

  • I agree.  The Essentials are a great teaching tool but Beyond Essentials is too pricey.  

  • I, too, would be interested in Beyond the Basics!

  • Thanks for your post! Currently we only donate the Essentials product, but we do provide a $50 discount off the Beyond the Essentials training to all TechSoup members! You can use code "techsoup50off" at checkout to receive the discount.

    Thank you for your interest in QuickBooks Made Easy, please let me know if you have any questions!

    David Webb
    Operations Manager

  • Thanks David for providing that very helpful update.  Maybe when we see you and Gregg again we can discuss other ways to position Beyond the Essentials here too?

    All the best